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2018 Year of the Earth Dog

What will my year be like?  What is my fortune for 2018? Will I find love, wealth and a better job in 2018?

By Jessie Kim

On February 16th, those who celebrate the Chinese New Year will be welcoming in the Year of the Earth Dog. This promises to be an eventful year in which many will take a stand to help empower the universal values of dialogue and solidarity, both of which are characteristic traits of the dog sign. In society, this year could bring the rise of socially conservative movements within society. It will be important to avoid unnecessary conflicts and preserve karmic balance this year by showing empathy and tolerance towards all you encounter.

The Year of the Earth Dog will be dominated by the Earth element in its yang form which makes it a good year for lifestyle changes and to start new business ventures. For those whose Earth element is predominant, it will be a stable year which will inspire a more organized personal and professional life. Fire and metal are the secondary forces to the Earth dog which makes this a creative cycle. This creative cycle of Fire, Earth, and Metal means that those who choose honesty and fairness in their business ventures could see abundant wealth in 2018.

Read on for your personal 2018 fortune…

Feng Shui Your Holiday Gathering

You may cringe when you think of the arguments that often arise during family gatherings like Christmas.  But, know that such holiday events can actually be harmonious.

Here are my simple tips on adding Feng Shui to your home and table for balance and happiness this holiday season.
Feng Shui Christmas Dinner

Power Positions

When family and friends visit you for several days over the holidays, remember not to give up your “power positions.”  Your power positions include the master bedroom and any rooms in the back part of the house.  By maintaining your power position, you can keep guests from overstaying their welcome or getting overly involved in your life.

You may have to deal with this creatively if your typical guest room is in the back of the house. In this situation, try to swap out the guest room for the home office.  Or set up an inviting area that can be used as a temporary guest room toward the front of the home, making sure guests feel welcome.

Table Setting

When setting the table, don’t let guests sit at the head of the table,  Rather, always the head of the household should sit there.

Pull out your fancy china since you are gathering with family and friends who are your most prized “possessions.”  This is not the time to use paper plates.

Furniture and Decorations

When arranging furniture and decorations, make sure that no sharp corners (poison arrows) point where people sit.  Round or oval tables are best to avoid bad energy.

Keep heavy decorative items below the level of people’s heads.  Having them high up can create nervous energy and encourage heavy conversations.  With all of the recent news, it would probably be best to avoid heavy conversations!

Put all these tips to use and watch your holiday become a lot more harmonious!

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I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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Feng Shui Secrets: Fixing Mistakes for Better Feng Shui in the Home

Your home should be your sanctuary. It is a place to escape the daily grind that life brings and relax while spending time with family in a positive space with positive energy. If this is not the case and the only thing you have to look forward to when getting home from work is more conflict, it’s time to make some changes. Did you know it’s possible for Feng Shui challenges in your home to provoke and strengthen the negative energy of arguments. In fact, bad Feng Shui can attract conflict. By knowing the Feng Shui mistakes in your home, you have the power to find solutions to help calm and balance the energy. Read on to learn more about common Feng Shui mistakes and tips on how to fix them.

Negative Outside Feng Shui: Before you even enter your home, the Feng Shui energy outside your home is important for many reasons. Think of this as the area where the energy which flows into your home comes from. You want it to be vibrant, healthy energy coming in, so it’s important to keep it clutter-free and looking nice. Keep the plants, trees, and grass trimmed and neat. If you’d like to learn more about outside Feng Shui check out our blog titled, The Importance of Home Maintenance in Feng Shui.

Clearing the Negative Energy from Your Space: Avoid keeping the negative energy brought on by negative experiences, or a bad history in a home, by clearing the energy. This is a Feng Shui must, whether you do it before moving in, once a week, or once a month. The good news is there are so many ways to make this happen from clearing the clutter, to burning incense, to opening the windows. Every blog I write has something to teach about keeping the positive energy, but here are a couple to start: Five Tips to Invigorate Your Space Today and Fragrant Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Problems in the Entryway: A lot like the outside, the main entryway of your home determines the quality of energy that comes in. We’re going for bringing in vibrant, fun, healthy, and nourishing energy. The entryway is important for good Feng Shui. It should be neat, clean, and clutter-free. You know how the whole family’s shoes are piled near the door? This is the clutter we’re talking about. Need more tips about decluttering your space? Check out this blog, Declutter to Feng Shui Your Space!

Give the Basement, Garage, and Attic Some Much Needed TLC: Speaking of clearing the clutter, check the basement, garage, and attic while you’re at it! Just because you don’t spend a lot of time in these areas doesn’t mean they can’t affect your Feng Shui. Read our blog, mentioned above, on decluttering and get to work. You’ll be amazed at what a huge difference it makes on your inner state of mind.

Chaos in the Bedroom: This is a cause of sleepless nights for sure. Everything makes a difference: from bedroom decor, to electronics, to having plants in the room where you sleep. Everyone knows the price of sleepless nights on your energy, work, attitude, and many other things. Simply put, sleep is critical and having the tools to Feng Shui Your Sleep is just as important.

Common Mistakes in the Bagua Areas

In Feng Shui, the Bagua is a sort of energy map of your space. So, specific areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life. If you’ve never looked at a Bagua map before, now’s a great time. You can read all about the Bagua on my website. The following is a list of some common mistakes in certain bagua areas of the home.

A Stressed-Out Love Area: In the Feng Shui Bagua there is an area associated with the energy of love and relationships. Like all areas of your home, the love and relationship area needs to be treated well with the right colors, materials, and images. Learn more about the Love & Relationship Corner and start reaping the rewards of strong relationships.

A Non-Existent Money Area: Wondering why you’re always broke and have a hard time keeping your finances in order? Taking care of the Feng Shui in this area of the Bagua can greatly enhance your financial future. Want to know more about this area? Learn more about the Wealth & Prosperity Corner.

An Unhealthy Health Area: Right at the center of the Bagua map, and touching every other area of the home, is the Health Area. The well-being of you and your family is connected to the state of energy in this area. The last thing you want here is the heavy, stagnant energy that clutter holds. Learn how to create vibrant energy in this space by reading our blog, Health: Live Life Without Sickness or read about the Health Area of the bagua.

While there can be many mistakes made in the Feng Shui in our homes, there are even more solutions. My website and blog are packed full of helpful hints and Feng Shui tips. It’s time to make a change, for the better, in the energy of your space. It may seem overwhelming at first, but by doing a little bit at a time it won’t seem so daunting. You will love the results. If needed, I am more than happy to help with in home or office consultations. Contact me today!

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If you need guidance on how to improve your space and your life, I’m always available to help. Learn more on my website today and book a virtual or in-person consultation. Better Feng Shui can help you in profound ways on life’s journey.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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Fragrant Feng Shui

Smells evoke powerful memories. Remember going to Grandma’s house when you were younger? It had a very distinct smell that we don’t easily forget. This is because our sense of smell activates our brains faster than sounds, sights, or even feelings.

It makes perfect sense then that Feng Shui principles can be used with essential oils to change the energy flow in any space. Feng Shui is all about bringing, creating, and having fresh, rejuvenating, and positive energy flow in your space. A couple of the most potent types of indoor energy to benefit from are plants and 100% pure essential oils, derived right from nature. No other natural elements have as much power as plants and the distilled essence of plant chi. Read on to learn more about using essential oils to help give your space a Feng Shui makeover.

Thousands of years ago, before modern medicine came in and invented synthetic representations of nature’s chemical compositions, almost every tradition used fragrance, herbs, and plant extracts in medicinal ways. Essential oils are received by the pituitary gland which governs cell generation and growth. These potent oils provide support for every system in our body. Their medicinal properties aid in good health and healing and help support every system in the human body! Wow, Mother Nature is powerful!

Basically, essential oils can be thought of as the pure essence or life energy of a plant. The oils are extracted from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins, and herbs. Using pure essential oils in aromatherapy is a great way to help create a fresh positive space and energy flow.

While there are three main ways to get the oils into your system: topically, through ingestion, diffusion or inhalation, the easiest way to get them into your space, and reap the Feng Shui benefits, is to diffuse them. Wondering which oils reap the most benefits in Feng Shui? Here’s a list of nine of the most popular Feng Shui essential oils and their uses:

  • Clary Sage: For thousands of years clary sage has been used by cultures from all over the world to help clear a space of negative energies. Due to this, It is often used during meditation to help the mind to focus.
  • Eucalyptus: Can be used to relieve fever. Eucalyptus is an expectorant that, when diffused, helps clear the airways allowing for deep breathing which oxygenates the system and keeps the head clear.
  • Frankincense: This amazing oil is the most powerful essential oil for the spirit. Use this aromatic oil to ground and balance you. It can help relieve stress, clear your nasal passages, and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Jasmine: Traditionally used by the Chinese, this oil induces a feeling of confidence and optimism. Spray your space for a feeling of euphoria and well-being.
  • Lavender: This is one of the most popular and commonly used oils. Treat the air with lavender to stabilize and calm you so you can release those negative thoughts. Lavender is an antidepressant, can help ward off anxiety and is a relaxant. With so many uses, this essential oil is a must-have.
  • Neroli: This essential oil is a powerful tool to promote self-love, acceptance, and inspire creativity. Physically, this oil can reduce inflammation and pain, decrease blood pressure as well as cortisol levels, and is an anticonvulsant. If you seek mindfulness, clarity, and inner peace, Neroli’s your answer.
  • Rosemary: This oil helps to combat mental fatigue while also stimulating the circulatory system.
  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood is extremely cleansing and helps to lift the spirits while breaking up negative thoughts. It’s woody scent relaxes the muscles and helps to relax the inner noise and busy mind, giving you the ability to relax and focus. This oil also acts as an aphrodisiac.
  • Tea Tree: Tea tree is known for it’s antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Adding this oil to oil blends can freshen, sanitize, and deodorize the air. Tea tree will help purify the space after illness and creates an uplifting atmosphere.

Aromatherapy is a holistic art and science of using a plant’s essence found within essential oils to help restore harmony and balance. There are about 300 essential oils on Earth and these oils have literally thousands of uses. By using only 100% pure essential oils, you are ensuring that you have the highest vibrational chi needed for energy clearing. These oils are so potent and powerful that an environment will begin to change within minutes of their use.

Mother Nature is so amazingly powerful and so are the people who have tried, learned, and taught us how to benefit from all-natural essential oils. These oils have over a million uses, from providing support and healing for our bodies, to emotional and spiritual support, to an alternative to cleaning with toxic chemicals in the home. If you have a need, there’s probably an oil for it. It’s no surprise that the powerful, purifying, positive energy these oils hold can help the Feng Shui in any space. They are a must-have in our Feng Shui tool box.

In order to create good, healing energy through the use of essential oils, it is necessary to get the highest quality, 100% therapeutic, Grade A oils. I personally use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils. If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils click here.

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If you need guidance on how to improve your space and your life, I’m always available to help. Learn more on my website today and book a virtual or in-person consultation. Better Feng Shui can help you in profound ways on life’s journey.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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Fall Into Autumn with Feng Shui

Ah, the fall, how I love thee. With the change of the season comes a definite shift in energy. It’s a shift we can feel, see, smell, and touch, and it’s amazing. In Autumn, our yang energy quiets down and our chi is now yin in nature. This makes it a perfect time to reflect, gather our energy, and slow it down.

Surprisingly, the element of metal governs the season of Autumn. Fall’s energy, which is cold and contracting, is associated with communication, creativity, inspiration, and symbols. Since the goal in Feng Shui is to bring our interior space into balance with the natural world around us, it’s important to balance the metal element in people this season. Metal is powerful. When balanced projects get completed in time, we are filled with a sense of ethics and justice, and we are surrounded by benefactors. Sound good?

Read on to find out how to harness the power of the metal element, release what no longer serves, and be open to new experiences this fall season.

A Cornucopia of Color

When thinking about fall, most people associate it with the vibrant colors seen in the falling leaves. The beauty of this season is unlike any other, so bringing those colors into your home decor can inspire you.

  • Red: This color is seen as abundant and healthy in Feng Shui. It attracts attention, as well as new opportunities, making it a great choice for front-door-decor.
  • Orange: This is a social color, and can help vamp up the conversations at your fall family gatherings.
  • Yellow and Brown: These are considered earthy colors which bring a grounding and comforting energy to your abode.
  • Silver, Gray and Black: These colors represent the element of the season, metal, which stimulates mental strength and intelligence.

Which colors speak to you? Tie in touches of the colors that you love to help with your fall Feng Shui.

Celebrate the Harvest

The metal element, which stimulates mental strength, can be translated into the home by adding oval decorations. You guys, this is good news! You know what fruit is widely used in the fall season? Pumpkins!! Pumpkins are oval in shape! They not only add a fall ambience to our decor, but they’re regarded as lucky charms in Feng Shui. These orange, oval gems attract material goods and wealth. But, that’s not all, folks! Pumpkins are also seen as protection against negative energy, so putting a few outside your front door is a refreshingly crisp idea!

Apples are another great fall fruit that symbolize peace. Adding a bowl of red apples to your table this season also symbolizes your table never being empty, meaning you’ll have an abundance of energizing food all season long. Whether it’s pumpkins or apples, gourds, pine cones or acorns, they all represent good health and a long life. So, incorporate what you love into your home decor.

The Eyes of Your Home

Your windows are considered the eyes of your home in Feng Shui, and they warrant their own section in this week’s blog. Windows help regulate incoming and outgoing energy in our homes. Since the weather is going to start cooling down, keeping this energy flow balanced is important. We want the keep the warm and happy energy in while also keeping the chi of the cool breeze flowing throughout the home. To avoid having your home be closed up and stuffy this season, open a window or two a couple of times a day to freshen the air with a cool breeze. On cold nights, keeping the windows closed will help guarantee keeping that cozy, warm air in.

Another important job of windows in Feng Shui is helping to bring in natural light. Light in Feng Shui represents the fire element which provides us with the strongest manifestation of energy. It has a dominant influence on the quality of chi in any home. You can read more about it in my blog titled, “Bright Light in Feng Shui.” Make sure you let the bright natural light into your home during the day. Since it’s getting dark early, make adjustments to bring more light into the interior of your home for dark, early nights. This can be achieved by switching to full spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural daylight, especially with winter coming.

Next Steps

Welcome Autumn! Bring on the changing of the leaves, the brisk days and cold nights, the cozy clothes, the wonderful taste of warm stews, soups, and of course hot chocolate on a cold evening. Bring on the seasonal gatherings with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for the health and abundance in our life. Wishing you all a wonderful Feng Shui’d fall!!

If you need guidance on how to improve your space and your life, I’m always available to help. Learn more on my website today and book a consultation. Better Feng Shui can help you in profound ways on life’s journey.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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Fertility Feng Shui

Have you been trying to conceive for a while but still have no bun in the oven? It may surprise you that it could have something to do with the Feng Shui energy in your home. Feng Shui can help you create a more balanced and relaxed environment for conception. When trying to conceive, two things should always be addressed: the couple and the home. Read on to find out how you can harness and direct the chi in your home to help you create your new bundle of joy.

Improving Fertility Feng Shui in the Home

The first place you can look to improve your fertility Feng Shui is right outside your front door! In Feng Shui, the door is considered the “mouth of chi,” so it’s where all of the energy enters the home. This is why it’s important to make sure there is open space here, meaning there’s nothing in the direct line with your front door such as a tree, car, or other object. It’s also important to avoid plant overgrowth in this area. Think about allowing fresh, healthy energy to enter and flow throughout your home.

The next place to focus on is the Children & Creativity Area of the home. Using elements to activate this part of your home, which is located at the center/right portion of your home’s floor plan, can help. These elements include: The shape of a circle, a metal element, white and/or metallic colors, as well as accessories representing mothers, babies & children, and families. An example of this might be to get a circle-shaped metal frame, paint it in a metallic color and use it to display a picture of a happy family.

Bump That Bed

We have great news! There’s a lot you can do in your marital bedroom to help with your fertility Feng Shui. Before doing anything else, though, we recommend cleaning and clearing the clutter first. Want to know the Feng Shui gold standard for improving your conception chances in the bedroom? Shifting the bed a bit to the left or right. That’s simple enough right? While you’re working on the bed, it’s also a good idea to flip the mattress over.


Get that vacuuming under the bed out of the way now… and then hold off during the time you’re trying to conceive, throughout the pregnancy and even a few weeks after the baby is born. While cleaning now, it’s a good idea to remove any items unrelated to rest and romance from the room. This includes exercise equipment, televisions, and work objects such as computers. Doing this will create a more fertility-friendly space where romance can be nurtured.

Don’t forget to address the problem areas such as overcrowded closets or cluttered rooms. Cleaning will help allow new fertile, creative energy to enter your life. Once everything is clean, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve just helped increase your chances of conception. Yay!

The Relationship Corner

Oooo La La! It’s time to talk about pointers for creating a healthy and romantic Relationship Corner in the bedroom. From the doorway, take a closer look at the far right corner of the room, as this is the Relationship Corner. Focus on this area is suggested for optimal fertility Feng Shui chi. You can help to activate this area with several things that might help. These include items that represent romance to the couple, the color red, the shape of a square and an Earth element (such as a vase). Whenever possible, try to use items in pairs, such as two of the same lamps, pillows, etc.


In Feng Shui, colors are important, and it’s no different in the bedroom. For instance, sleeping on green sheets will help remove any energy blockages and heal any disease or ailment that may be preventing conception from occurring. It’s also believed that green sheets will allow for a healthy pregnancy to implant.

Painting the wall behind the marital bed yellow can also help in conception efforts. The colors yellow and orange are most associated with fertility in Feng Shui since these are the colors of children’s energy. Only a bit of yellow and orange will do since they are is also stimulating colors that can prevent rest if overused.

If this seems like too many colors, just focus on one or two. Another way to approach it might be to use touches of these colors, like green sheets with corresponding pillows that have some yellow and orange in them, or green sheets with a piece of framed artwork (in a square frame) of a happy family that has orange and yellow tied in somehow. Perhaps use a metal frame with baby chicks. There are so many ways to make Feng Shui doable for you.


The use of symbols is another important element of Feng Shui. There are lots of different symbols you can represent in the bedroom. It’s important to choose just one or two that you might have in your home already or that stand out for you, and focus on those. In other words, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and get one of every symbol related to fertility. It’s all about creating the perfect energy and surrounding yourself with things that relate best to you or that you love.

Next Steps

There are so many ways to make your bedroom a romantic, fertility-friendly space. I have given you a lot of ideas to add to your fertility Feng Shui tool box. Take the ideas that are both doable and meaningful for you, and put them to work in your home. The ultimate goal is to use Feng Shui to create a positive environment in which miracles can occur. Happy baby-making!

If you need guidance on how to improve your space and your life, I’m always available to help. Learn more on my website today and book a consultation. Better Feng Shui can help you in profound ways on life’s journey.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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