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Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors

Colors can be as important as elements in Feng Shui.

Colors can excite, enhance, or even disturb the energy around you. And they can represent emotions as well as goals.

Here are some common colors and what they mean in Feng Shui:

  • Black: Career
  • Blue: Knowledge
  • Green: Family
  • Purple: Prosperity & Wealth
  • Red: Reputation & Fame
  • Pink: Love
  • White: Creativity & Children
  • Grey: Helpful People & Travel
  • Yellow: Health

As an example, if you are looking to get noticed for your accomplishments, throw on a red blouse or shirt. Ready to advertise that you are looking for love? Try on a pink hat or tie.

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -Colors

When it comes to adding the above colors to your home to make changes with Feng Shui, there is no need to overwhelm your space with a color by painting an entire room.

Rather, test it out first with some fresh-cut flowers or throw pillows with the colors you are looking to add. Then, you can paint picture frames, change curtains or add some artwork if you like the results.

Most importantly, in your home or office, be sure to add colors to the appropriate area of your home, as represented by the Feng Shui Bagua.

Don’t be afraid to use color!

Next Steps

To learn more about how colors play a part in Feng Shui, I suggest you read through my free information on the Feng Shui Bagua.

Feng Shui is all about harmony and balance. Make sure that as you make changes to one area of your Bagua, balance it out with changes to other areas, as well.


Have fun adding some color to your life!

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  1. Mark says:

    the bathroom is in the fame/reputation area what will i do? How will i cure it?

    • Jessie Kim says:

      Mark: If your Fame and Reputation area is a bathroom, counter-balance the downward energy with upward energy. Perhaps you could paint the walls red, have red towels, candles, a tall plant, pictures or a painting of redwood trees. Have fun with it, as this can be your “red” or “fire” bathroom. Just because it is a bathroom, doesn’t mean that you are doomed.

  2. May hoffas says:

    i live in a 3 story house when applying the bagua do i apply at the same on each of the three levels?

    • Jessie Kim says:

      May: Yes, you should lay the Bagua out on each floor. Apply the Bagua with the career side on the same side of the house as the front door on the main level. You can also apply the Bagua to every room of the house. This may be particularly beneficial for higher levels like a 3rd floor because it might be a little more difficult to pull up enough energy.

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