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Feng Shui Career / Business / Life Path


If you are looking to improve your career and think that Feng Shui may provide the answer, then you need to read on.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and my advice has helped thousands of people improve their lives through Feng Shui.

Career Area Overview

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Career side of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to the complementing areas, your life path can be improved and manipulated to the path you most desire.

Really, it’s about what you do. For most people, that would be their jobs. For others, it could be spending their time volunteering for a non-profit organization. For business owners whose live paths are intertwined with their work, this area will play a significant role.

  • Primary Element: Water
  • Best Color: Black
  • Best Shapes: Free-Flowing or Without Shape
  • Complementary Items: White, Metal, Rounded
  • Destructive Items: Yellow, Earth, Squared or Flat

In Feng Shui, the entrance to your home and office is associated with your Career. By boosting the Career area of your Bagua, you can move yourself to the front of the promotion line, earn more money, gain respect and recognition, and can put your career on the fast track.

Feng Shui Fountain Flowing WaterFlowing Water

In Feng Shui, the flow of money is represented by flowing water. Therefore, if you want to have a good salary and boost your career, it is best to have moving water (literally or figuratively) in the Career Gua of your home.

This moving water can be in the form of something like a water fountain or something that looks like or represents water like a large framed mirror or a picture of a calm-flowing river. Just make sure that the water is or appears to be flowing into the house and not out of the house. The same holds true even for paintings or pictures of water.

If you want the absolute best Feng Shui you can find, put a pool or large fountain in front of your home. Just think of some of the most wealthy people you can imagine with homes that look like the Getty Villa (pictured below) or Hearst Castle.

Ensure that any water or fountains you have around your front door are kept clean and operational. Stagnant water will translate to a stagnant career.

No Giant Waves!

Please note that you should not have any destructive representations of water like pictures of crashing waves. You want your career and money to flow in freely; not crash down on you like a giant wave.

Before I met him, my husband had a picture of a man standing at the door of a lighthouse with giant waves crashing upon it. That is only good if you want a chaotic career and erratic income.


The best color to use in the Career area of your home or business is that which most represents the ocean of water – black.

You could have a black glass vase next to your door, for instance. White, grey, or blue also complement this area through the creative cycle of the Bagua, but your best choice is still black.

Feng Shui Red DoorRed Doors

How about red doors, which we often see in homes with wonderful Feng Shui? Painting the front of your door red attracts energy to your home.

Things to Avoid

Avoid objects that are square or flat in shape, colors that are earth tones such as yellow, and avoid objects made from earth-like materials like soil.

What happens when you mix dirt and water? Mud. You don’t want to muddy up your career, do you? Also avoid plants that have thorns or pointy edges, such as rose bushes or most cactus varieties.

Cure for the New Career

If you need a new career or want to take a new direction in your existing career, hang a 6-rod metal wind chime in the Career Gua in your home. The wind chime should be hung with a red string 9 inches or 9 centimeters long (or some multiple of 9). Wind chimes are a wonderful Feng Shui tool, as they attract a lot of new and fresh energy, as well as provide you with focus to reach your goals.

Use Your Front Door!

Before you even bother to use all of these items to help you, it is most important to always use your front door. Make sure you enter your home using your front door as much as possible. You should not use a garage or side door as your main entrance.

In Feng Shui, your front door is the proverbial mouth of your house. You need to feed your home with energy, or Chi, through the mouth, or front door. When you or your guests open and use the front door, energy enters your home and flows gently around your entire house to bless you with all of its abundance.

These days, many of us use our garage door and come into the home through the laundry room or straight from the garage. Because your front door is usually in Feng Shui’s Career Gua, using or not using it has a huge impact on your career, as well as every aspect of the Bagua.

Have you ever seen a millionaire enter his or her home through the side or back door? No! Their employees do.

…and That It’s FunctionalFeng Shui Career / Business / Life Path

Make sure that your doorbell, doorknob and hinges work.

Make sure your front door area is well-lit so it can be seen from the street and you can find your keys easily when you are standing in front of your door.

Never block any part of your door. Even if you have a double-door and only use one, be sure not to block the second door that isn’t regularly used.

Also, be sure to open that second door every now-and-then. When you open your door, make sure it opens smoothly and quietly; no screeching metal noises or squeaky doors please!

Enter the Chi

One of the most important things to remember is that the front door is where all of your Feng Shui energy, or Chi, enters the home. Without this Chi, you won’t have the lifeblood that is needed to impact every Gua of your home.

If you feel that you are missing every aspect of the Feng Shui Bagua (health, career, wisdom, wealth, fame, love, creativity, and helpful people), you may well want to take a good hard look at the area of the home where you will find your front door.

Use that front door regularly, make sure nothing is blocking the entrance in front of or inside of the door, and make sure it doesn’t creak!

Next Steps

Do you have a unique situation at your home or office?

Is your front door unusable or does the Career Area have a dangerous item, such as a bathroom, fireplace, stairway, or garage?

Are you looking to improve your career or life path?

Then contact Ms. Feng Shui right now to inquire about a Feng Shui Consultation so I can add harmony and balance to your life. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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