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Declutter to Feng Shui Your Space!

The notion of a neat and simplified space translates into less stress and less “stuff” weighing us down. However, just the idea of decluttering your home can make you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and just plain lost. Where in the world do we begin?

Feng Shui Clutter

Studies have shown that out of all the things we keep, we will only actually use 1 in 20 items. You read that right, 1 in twenty! That’s a lot of clutter, and clutter is a HUGE Feng Shui no-no! Read on to find out the meaning of clutter in Feng Shui and some items currently in your home to get rid of now!

Feng Shui is all about positive energy flow to help keep us balanced and energized which will help welcome positive things into our lives. However, nothing new can come into your life if you don’t make room for it!

In Feng Shui, clutter is anything that is hopelessly disorganized (like that huge stack of old bills and magazines growing bigger by the day), unused (like all those baby toys your four year old isn’t into anymore), and/or unfinished (like that piece of artwork you were sure you could nail but looks nothing like a Van Gogh). It creates an inability to move forward oftentimes keeping us back from making progress.

Any space can be quickly transformed by first clearing the clutter. Getting rid of the clutter can breathe new life into both the space and you. By surrounding yourself with only the items in your home that you love and often use, you surround yourself with a strong, active energy that can bring focus and clarity into your life.

People are always saying they need to declutter but they don’t know where to start. Others feel a sense of loss when getting rid of items they no longer use. Nothing good can come from keeping that clutter around. It can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, tired, depressed, and even angry. That clutter keeps you in the past and prevents you from looking towards the future.

It’s time to get rid of clutter! Don’t like the thought of throwing your things in the trash? Consider donating some of the gently used items, or use apps like OfferUp or Decluttr to make some extra cash. Feeling overwhelmed? Try taking it one day, one room, even one object at a time. Try to avoid accumulating more things. If you don’t plan on using it, don’t bring it into your home.

Get rid of some of these things now and re-energize your home:

  • Possible Kitchen Clutter: expired food, expired cleaning supplies, ancient spices, mismatched food storage containers, or any item with several duplicates (do you really need five pizza cutters?).
  • Possible Family & Living Room Clutter: old magazines, outgrown toys, toys that are missing pieces, DVD’s that are never watched or damaged, old dog/cat toys that were destroyed long ago
  • Counter Top or Office Space Clutter: piles of old mail, expired coupons, old cell phones, unread books, read books that you don’t plan to read again
  • Bedroom Clutter: worn-out or uncomfortable shoes, mismatched socks, outgrown clothes, worn-out clothing, outdated clothes (so much clothes!), broken jewelry
  • Bathroom & Linen Closet Clutter: worn towels, worn sheets, unused toiletries, old cosmetics
  • Outdoor Space Clutter: unused sporting equipment, worn out/broken sporting equipment, outgrown outdoor toys, broken outdoor toys

With the recent end of the school year, our kiddos are returning home with all of their projects and, ahem, “artwork” from the entire school year. Fight the urge to keep it all after you’ve taken some pictures for posterity. Consider this the first step in your decluttering journey.

Remember you are not alone! We live in an age of consumerism, where acquiring “stuff” is part of our culture, but when it starts to impact the way we think and feel, we need to take steps to change it. The hardest part is getting started, but when you begin to see and feel the benefits of a decluttered space, you won’t regret it!

Next Steps

After you’ve rid yourself of clutter, you’ve made space for positive Feng Shui energy called Chi to flow through your home.  Make sure you are attracting it into your home and that the flow is optimal by following some steps on my website.

If you are interested in improving your life through Feng Shui, I can help.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

I can help you attract the life that you deserve with Feng Shui.  Contact me today!

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