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Bright Light in Feng Shui

Correcting Overhead Lighting for Better Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, lighting represents the fire element and is the strongest manifestation of energy. It’s dominant influence on the quality of the Chi in your home means that it can help bring balance and harmony to every space you spend the most time in.

The light element needs to be harnessed in certain ways to make the most of its potential. Let us shine some light on this topic for you. Read on.

Identify the Problem

Balance is required for optimal Feng Shui.  But, inadequate, poor, or harsh lighting can affect your mood, the way you feel, and your overall well-being. This is a problem. Before you can solve the problem,  however, you need to be able to identify what the problem is.

A classic case of bad Feng Shui comes from homes that have a single overhead light as the only available light source in a room. This is the case for many homes and work spaces. Unfortunately, this is a huge no-no since this type of lighting makes it impossible to relax.

With the following lighting tips in your Feng Shui tool box you’ll be able to correct any lighting faux pas that come your way.

Optimizing General Lighting

If your home has rooms with that single overhead light we spoke about above, do not despair. You have options. Either remove them altogether or simply put them on a dimmer switch. This can help give you some much-needed flexibility. Try and create an overall glow to each room.

A torchiere or torchère is one type of light that can help you do this. They are large lights that bounce light off the ceiling which helps fill up the room. You can help adjust the mood by putting these on dimmer switches as well.

It’s also a good idea, crucial even, to consider how you use the space in each individual room. Use warm-toned lights (around 2700k color temperature) in restful places and cool-toned lights (around 5000k color temperature) in more active spaces. Doing this can help bring balanced and harmonious Chi to your space.

Ambient Lighting

Since ambient lighting sets the mood for any space, it plays an important role in the life or Chi of the home. It is a natural light that seems to come from all directions and encompasses an entire room.

Types of ambient light include natural light, accent lighting, or even candle lighting. It is light that supports relaxation and conversation and makes it easy to move about the space.

During the day, create ambient lighting by opening those curtains, blinds, or shades and letting the sun shine in. The greatest source of light energy comes from the sun. Sunlight brings an abundance of beauty and positive energy into any space.

If natural light isn’t available, full-spectrum lighting can be used here. Try placing table lamps around the room to create a triangle of light. Having three lamps balanced throughout the space can bring balanced Chi to the room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is essentially concentrated lighting to help perform certain job(s). It’s lighting for a specific purpose like reading, working, or studying. Many times, task lighting are smaller lights placed in the vicinity of the couch, bed, or desk.

Perfect examples of rooms that need brighter lights are a kitchen or office/hobby room/art studio. Think cooler-toned lights, at around a 5000k color temperature, in these spaces since so much activity occurs here. These will help you balance the Chi and get the job done.

Next Steps

From today on, always think of lighting as an essential Chi adjustment to your space. Use different types of lighting to help serve the purpose and adjust the mood of any given area. When in doubt, using ambient lighting can always help you achieve better Feng Shui.

If you need guidance choosing the correct lighting for your space, I’m always available to help. Learn more on my website today and book a consultation. Better Feng Shui can help you in profound ways on life’s journey.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

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