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Feng Shui Family


If you are looking to improve relationships between family members and are willing to try Feng Shui, then you need to read on.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and I have helped thousands of people improve their lives through Feng Shui.

Family Area Overview

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Family side of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to the complementing areas, you will be able to basically provide for and have positive relationships with your family.

Notice how I included providing for your family there. If this area is not focused on, you can forget about getting wealthy, even with lots of focus on your Prosperity corner.

  • Primary Element: Wood
  • Best Color: Green
  • Best Shapes: Rectangles, Vertical, Columns
  • Complementary Items: Black, Water, Free-Flowing
  • Destructive Items: White, Metal, Rounded

Feng Shui FamilyThe Family area of your home is the left-center part of your floor plan after you’ve walked through your front door.

This area represents your family’s harmony and happiness. If you Feng Shui this part of your house, you will promote good relationships with your current family members, your ancestry, lineage, and even a global sense of family.

Do not ignore this section if you are looking to Feng Shui your office, as you should want to develop a sense of family in your business (more on that later).

Besides taking care of just the Family Gua of your home, take a look at common areas, such as your living room and dining room. These common areas are the most influential areas for family in your home and you want to ensure a sense of harmony here as well as the Family Gua.

Feng Shui Family Tree

As with any Feng Shui Gua, the Family section can be best associated with an object with which you base the ideal elements and colors for the Gua. In this case, it is best to think of a beautiful and large family tree with lots of limbs and foliage.

Green Colors

When thinking in terms of a family tree, wouldn’t you want your family tree to have lots of beautiful green leaves? Elements within your family areas should also have highlights of green.

Green is an organic symbol of life and growth in your family. You can paint your walls across the spectrum of green, or simply use a few green throw pillows to add life to the room.

Wood & Water Elements

Continuing with the family tree theme for the Family Gua, the best element to use here is wood. To make the best use of the wood element, try happy family pictures in wooden frames.

Never use metal frames or other metal objects here because metal cuts down wood. Wooden furniture or pictures of plush forests would be ideal in the Family areas of your home.

As water also helps trees grow, it is a good supplemental element to wood. As such, good supplemental colors would include blue or black, since they represent water and will add to the growth of your family. But, be sure not to flood your forest of trees!

Feng Shui Family -FireplaceDangerous Elements & Cures

Forget about using objects and colors that represent fire in the Family areas, since fire burns wood. As such, you should avoid high energy colors like red and orange in the family spaces of your home, as these colors represent fire.

If you already have a fireplace in this area, you might want to hang a large painting of calm water above it. Even if you never use it, a fireplace still represents a large fire element. A painting of calm water above the fireplace represents water dousing the fire and it weakens the effects of the fire.

Instead of a picture of water, you could use a large mirror over the fireplace. Mirrors are very useful Feng Shui tools because they have so many uses. Mirrors can reflect good things in, multiply positive effects, or they can reflect bad things out so you don’t feel ill effects. But, you can also use a mirror as a water element, because of its similarities to water in terms of reflection and the undulating images it can reflect.

No Family Pictures on the Fireplace!

As I have mentioned before in the Children & Creativity section, never put your family pictures on top of a fireplace, no matter which Gua of the house the fireplace resides. If you have pictures of your family, or even just your children, on top of a fireplace, you may be experiencing many quarrels between those pictured.

As a real life example of what this might represent, imagine all of the members of your family driving together in a car with no air conditioning through the desert during the height of Summer. The stress and tension between the family members would rise with the temperature. If you can avoid this situation, even a representative one, please do.

By the way, the same holds true even if a person pictured is deceased. Don’t anger the dead!

No Clutter

As with all of the areas of a home, the Family Gua of the house should be free of clutter. Good Chi (energy) flows most effectively in places where there aren’t any obstacles.

This is a primary reason why it is recommended that every room be as comfortable and clean as possible. Physical clutter represents an obstacle in a person’s mind and spirit.

Feng Shui Your OfficeDon’t Ignore Your Business

If you are looking to Feng Shui your office or place of business, please do not ignore the Family Gua.

A healthy business promotes a sense of family to include employees, customers, and vendors. Give all of these parties every opportunity to effectively communicate and work together by following the above guidelines with your business just as you would with your home.


Next Steps

Do you have a unique situation at your home or office?

Are missing the Family Area from your floor plan or does it have a dangerous item, such as a bathroom, fireplace, stairway, or garage?

Are you looking to boost relationships between family members?

Then contact Ms. Feng Shui right now to inquire about a Feng Shui Consultation so I can add harmony and balance to your life. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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