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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback .  If it weren’t for the positive outcomes, I would never provide Feng Shui consultations.


I am so blessed I found Jessie. She is honest, and really takes her work seriously!!! She uses what we already have. So in the end, our house still shows our style, and not someone else's. Since the consultation, I've seen much improvement all around, but mostly....relationship with my husband improved, and so did our finances. Looking forward to having Jessie come out again since it's been a few years now.


Orange County, CA   

I thought I knew quite a bit about Feng Shui, but have learned so much more from you. Things have improved so much. Thank you for your wonderful advice.

Kimberly G.   

Coleman, FL   

Took Ms. Feng Shui's tips today and just booked my first Voiceover Job! This stuff works people…try it for yourself!

Andi G.   

Los Angeles, CA   

You might not be familiar with the principles of feng shui, or the Chinese practice of arranging the environment to create harmonious surroundings. But, even if you aren't, you'll notice something different about a place designed along these principles. There's a sense of quiet, a certain ease, a comfort that makes a house feel like a home.

That is why The Olson Company works with Jessie Kim, a renowned feng shui consultant, for many of its projects. Kim advises the company from the outset of a new project, helping orient buildings, laying out streets, and even selecting the artwork that hangs from the halls of the model homes. Once Olson became aware of her work, the company has consulted with her on a regular basis.

- In Town Living, Vol 5 Issue 1

The Olson Company   

I am writing to thank you for your blog. It has helped me make changes in my apt. I am expecting changes in my life next. I have gone from being on top of the world to a desperate situation. I believe my environment played a big role. I have made all of the changes that I was able to make without a budget. I look forward to being able to have a consultation with you as soon as I can. Thank you for your inspiration.
Many blessings to you,

Angelika how I need to start this testimonial. I moved to our home and I had ideas of where I wanted our room to be located and where the kids room should be. Jessie had a different recommendation that was very different from mine. A light when on in my head when she said what she said and it made so much sense. I would have been so unhappy in that space that I thought was perfect! My room is actually a haven and in the love/marriage area. Immediately after the consultation I started making the changes to the entrance of my home. The family area and health had so many issues. I can feel the difference as we were moving objects and arranging things. I can tell you that this experience has changed my environment and I love being home! Thank you Jessie

Regina E.   

The counsel I received from Jessie was exceptional. The first time I got a reading, I was skeptical, but I did all the things she suggested and what she said would happen...happened! It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had, and I have gotten at least one reading per year from her since.

Thomas M   

my finances were a mess. sine you pointed out remedies my finances are much better. thank you for you help.

Vivek S.   

kalyan, india   

I can't explain it, but since you helped me Feng Shui my office, work has been going SOOOOO much better. The coworker that was trying to undermine me has been transferred and my boss is actually giving me positive feedback on the project I've been working on. Thanx

Peter N   

Buena Park, CA   

Chinese herbal medicine didn't work. Acupuncture didn't work. The month after you helped me Feng Shui my home, I'm pregnant!!! And it all made so much sense. Woo-hoo!!!

Beth L.   

San Clemente, CA   

Thank you, Jessie! You helped me turn around everything in my life with a few changes in my home. While I previously thought that all of those pictures around my home were of the sexy, independent woman that I wanted to be, you pointed out that the thing I wanted most was missing... her partner. After only a couple of months, I started my first serious relationship in years.


Dana Point, CA   

My lease ended on my apartment and Jessie looked over a few condo listings and mapped them out to help me decide on the best one. I feel more at home now than I ever have. Thank you!

Andre M.   

Newport Beach, CA   

I live in a very small apartment where my office was inside of my bedroom. Of course, after reading through Ms. Feng Shui's blog, I realized that this was the reason for my career problems. Since I moved my office to my living room and made a few other changes, work has been going so much better. Thank you, Ms. Feng Shui!

Nadine R   

Los Angeles, CA   

What I've learned from Jessie is amazing. Her advice not only made my space feel more complete, I sincerely believe that the changes I made in my home helped me find a loving relationship and got me on the right career path. Thank you, Jessie!


Irvine, CA   


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