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Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility


If you are visiting this page and are willing to try Feng Shui, then you need to read on.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people improve their lives through Feng Shui.

Creativity & Children Area Overview

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Creativity & Children side of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to the complementing areas, you will be enlightened with creativity and ideas you may haven’t had since you were a child.

And speaking of children, do you want some?

Those with fertility problems or those with troublesome children have found much luck by paying some attention to this area.

  • Primary Element: Metal
  • Best Color: White
  • Best Shapes: Round or Rounded
  • Complementary Items: Yellow, Earth, Squared or Flat
  • Destructive Items: Red, Fire, Pointed or Triangular

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility - Writer's BlockMuch More Than Just Children

The Creativity and Children section of the Bagua in your home or office is not always about kids.

With or without children, this is the part of the house that can keep you creative, provide childlike fun, and energize your youthful energy.

If you are an artist or an author, look to the Creative area of the Bagua to infuse some creative energy or get over that feeling of having writer’s block.

Even if you are a lawyer, look to this area to help you develop creative and winning arguments.

At the same time, this is an important area for many people looking to Feng Shui for the first time, as they attempt to have a baby while having fertility problems.

Please note that whether you are looking to have a baby or infuse some creativity, the suggestions offered here are quite interchangeable.

Please also note that this area, like every other Gua, makes up an important part of the creative cycle of the entire Bagua.

It can be beneficial to improve upon this area even if you are having family relationship issues, career problems, money problems, or health issues to make creative improvements.

Symbolize Your Desires

Symbols of children and creativity are quite important to this area of your home.

Whether you are looking to have children or are just trying to infuse some creativity in your life, this is a great spot for games, toys, those cute little baby shoes, etc.

When trying to have a babies myself, I cut out pictures of a cute baby from a Pottery Barn catalog for my first son and another cute baby from a Children’s Place ad for my second son that I thought would look like products of me and my husband.

I added each to frames in this area of my home, as if they were children I already have. Wouldn’t you know, my sons looks eerily similar to those babies in the advertisements.

I joke that I ordered a Pottery Barn baby.

Though ideal, these types of objects don’t have to be out in the open.

You could have pictures pasted behind frames or board games in a cabinet in this area.

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -ColorsIdeal Colors

The most ideal Feng Shui colors of the Children/Creativity area are yellow and white.

It is important to make this area bright and fun.

White is the color of purity, like that of babies. With white, consider it a blank canvas with lots of area for you to create your own work of art.

If you have a bathroom here, for instance, add white or yellow towels and curtains.

White and yellow just don’t fit? Try some warm earth tones like warm yellows, terracotta, light salmon, or soft greens.

Round Shapes

The shapes for the Creativity and Children area are round, circular, or rounded. Complementary shapes would be flat or square.

This is an ideal spot for a circular chair or square-framed pictures.

A board game of checkers accomplishes the round, flat, and square shapes while also providing a reminder of a children’s game, as mentioned above.

Elements… Good and Bad

This area of the house is represented by the element of metal.

You can have a painting or pictures up in this area in a metal frame or a weaker element that won’t destroy the metal element, such as wood.

The destructive element here would be fire. So, if you have a fireplace in this area, please do NOT put your children’s pictures on its mantle.

You shouldn’t put pictures of family or friends on top of the fireplace in any area of the house, but it is extra important here.

What does fire do to metal? It melts it!

A fireplace or candles here will have the effect of draining energy from your children or creative energy from you. This would not be successful in school, life, work, or even your thoughts.

Obviously, moving a fireplace out of this area might be cost-prohibitive, so let’s talk about cures.

Place a mirror that is about the equivalent size of the fireplace on top of the fireplace or even a painting or a picture of calm water. This will help to reduce the destructive cycle the fire will do to the Creativity part of your home.

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -BabyYour Children

The ultimate symbol of children and creativity is an actual child.

In other words, if it works to have your child’s bedroom in this area of your home, it is ideal to do so.

The same tips go as above, but also keep in mind that your children will reflect the energy and images around them.

While Tigger and Eeyore are cute, do you want your children to be aggressive (Tigger) or depressive (Eeyore)?

Think of sleeping lambs or gentle bunnies if a calm child is what you are looking for.

My husband had to remind me to keep Calvin & Hobbes out of our children’s bedroom, though I find those cartoons hilarious.  As funny as they are, he is right – I don’t want my boys acting out like that!

Things to Avoid

There are some things that can be quite destructive to the Creativity and Children area of your home and should thus be avoided.

We already spoke in great length about fireplaces, which sometimes can’t be avoided.

At the same time, you should avoid the color red, which is a symbol of fire, the destructive element of metal.

As they are also symbols of fire, objects that are triangular or pointy should also be avoided here.

Moreover, avoid colors like fire engine red, royal blue, or strong yellows, as they can make children or your mind quite restless.

Children’s wall decorations can be quite popular, but avoid those that would also be quite restless like rocket ships or race cars (unless you want restless children or restless thoughts yourself).

While it is important to get creative, be careful not to lose any sleep!

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -PregnancyMake it Positive

In closing, and as with any area of your home that you want to improve, create an energy in your surroundings that will be a positive influence on you to achieve what you are looking for.

In other words, ensure you have things here to remind you to be creative and that remind you of happy children.

I have noticed on consultations for those unsuccessfully trying to have children that they have toxic elements here, such as a fireplace or scenes of destruction or sadness.

The environment you create for yourself will be the environment in which you live, both in the home and out.

For those of you trying to have children: relax and enjoy the process after following the above guidelines (read: don’t stress!).  Try to have the same type of fun with the process as you did before you decided to have children. You and your partner will thank me for this advice!

For those of you trying to add some creativity, may your inner child flourish.

Next Steps

Do you have a unique situation in your home or office?

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Are you looking to have children, improve the lives of your children or just looking to spark some creativity in your own life?

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