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Feng Shui Prosperity / Wealth / Money


If you want to significantly increase your wealth and if you think that Feng Shui might provide the answer, then you need to read this entire article.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and my advice has helped thousands of people improve their wealth through Feng Shui.

Prosperity Corner Overview

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Prosperity corner of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to complementing areas, you can start to see real results to your wealth and income.

I’m not talking about the kind of money to put food on the table or to keep you from going underwater with your mortgage. I’m talking about the type of wealth that you can retire with.

Best Colors: Purple, Green, Gold, & Red

Here are some of the best money items you can place in your Wealth / Prosperity / Money corner to stimulate positive Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Prosperity & Wealth -PurpleThe Color Purple

In Feng Shui, purple is the best color to stimulate and increase your abundance. Historically-speaking, purple was the hardest color to make, so only royalty wore purple to show that they were wealthy.

Hang purple curtains on your windows or have a purple throw blanket on furniture that you may have in this corner.

Alternatively, you can use a purple vase that can work as your Prosperity Vase, where you can put money in everyday as you are imagining this money growing like magic beans into a huge money tree that will take you to that giant in the sky.

The Color of Money

Be sure to use green as another money symbol in Feng Shui since money is green!

Plants that have rounded-leaves, if they bear fruit, are even better! Just make sure there are no thorns on that plant and if your Prosperity corner is in your bedroom, do not put plants in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Prosperity & Wealth -Money & GoldThe Midas Touch

Gold is another wealth color in Feng Shui. Do I really need to explain why? In your Prosperity corner you could have gold coins, gold jewelry, or gold frames with photos of people or family members whose wisdom and financial success you admire.

If you love the show The Apprentice, for instance, then perhaps you can put a picture of Donald Trump in this corner of your home or office.

Alternatively, you could have figurines of golden-laced guardian angels or saints.

Feng Shui Prosperity & Wealth -Dream HomeDream Boards and Symbols of Goals

This would be a great area of your home to have a dream board or any symbols that remind you of wealth and abundance, such as dream home, yacht, exotic cars or dream vacations.

Free-Flowing Money

Make sure that your home as well as your wealth spots are free of clutter and sparkling clean. You don’t want to stop the flow of energy in your money corner.

As I spoke about in the Career / Business / Life Path section, you always want to keep your front door area clean and clear of anything physically blocking it so that it is easy for you or energy to come in and out without tripping over anything.

Feng Shui Prosperity & Wealth -Kitchen StoveAlso, your stove is always considered a prosperity/wealth item.

Historically-speaking, the more burners you had, the more people you were able to feed, which meant you had the money to feed those people. Because of this, you should always keep your stove and range clean and shiny, which represents your money coming in nice and clean.

Next Steps

Do you have a unique situation at your home or office?

Are missing the Prosperity Corner from your floor plan or does it have a dangerous item, such as a bathroom, fireplace, or garage?

Are you looking to significantly increase your wealth?

Then contact Ms. Feng Shui right now to inquire about a Feng Shui Consultation so I can add harmony and balance to your life. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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