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Mirrors in Feng Shui

Mirrors have a very interesting relationship with Feng Shui.  Of course, they’re great at making rooms seem more spacious and seem to amplify light.  In Feng Shui, they are a symbol of the water element and we can utilize their incredible ability to reflect virtually everything, including Feng Shui energy called Chi (or “Qi”).

Often used as a cure for a variety of Feng Shui challenges, mirrors are used to reflect and direct both positive and negative Chi energy however we see fit.

But, where do we want that energy to go?  Well, that all depends on the area of the home we’re trying to enhance.

Using Mirrors Outside

As I have highlighted in previous posts, certain types of mirrors can be used to deflect negative energy coming from a neighbor’s front door aligned with yours, used to deflect overwhelming energy at a T-intersection, and can deflect churning energy on a cul-de-sac or corner lot.

Place your convex Bagua mirror above your door on the interior wall facing toward the street. Yes, you won’t actually see the mirror.

Place your convex Bagua mirror above your door on the interior wall facing toward the street. Yes, you won’t actually see the mirror.

As a quick cure for any of the above, the best choice is to simply place a convex Bagua mirror above your front door facing the street (such that the reflection virtually goes through your wall).

Now, let’s discuss how we use mirrors at various locations inside the home.

Mirrors in the Bedroom

Never place a mirror where it will face a bed.  Think of a mirror as a magnifying glass that will amplify energy flow toward your body as you sleep.  One problem with this is that it causes restlessness.

Mirrors in Bedrooms are Bad Feng Shui

Worse, many of my clients that previously had mirrors facing their bed complained of pain such as headaches, leg aches or stomach cramps — which had been exactly where their mirrors were facing.  Remove the mirror and voila!  No more pain.

Again, never have a mirror that faces those sleeping in the bed, even on the ceiling (sorry guys).  In fact, it is best to leave mirrors out of bedrooms altogether.

Mirrors in the Bathroom

Water is the dominant element in a bathroom.  Mirrors enhance your space and allow you to get a perspective on yourself.  We often look in the mirror to improve ourselves, right?  Well, we might as well improve every part we can.

Feng Shui Full Length Mirrors

Thus, I suggest a full-length mirror in the bathroom, such that its reflection does not cut off any parts of your body.

Mirrors in Bagua Areas

Some Bagua areas will benefit from mirrors more than others.  In particular, mirrors are good to use in the Career & Life Path Area (but not toward your front door), Family Area, and Wealth & Prosperity Corner.

Try to use corresponding colors, materials, and shapes for the mirror and its frame when possible.  For example, use a vertical rectangular mirror with a green and/or wooden frame in the Family Area.

Avoid using mirrors of any kind in your Fame & Reputation Area, as this will extinguish your fire element that is necessary here.

Best Practices

Placing a mirror at your front foyer toward your front door is bad because it pushes back all of the Chi entering your home, preventing it from energizing your house.

Avoid having mirrors that face each other.  This can create a barrier that will stop energy from flowing through your home.

Don’t overdo it with mirrors, especially all in one place.  Sometimes, less is more.

Replace chipped or cracked mirrors.  Relationships are negatively affected by broken mirrors.

Give children full-length mirrors to improve their self-esteem.

Unless your fireplace is in the Fame & Reputation Area of your home, you may want to douse it with figurative water.  Hang a mirror directly over your fireplace to neutralize its effects.

Adding some plants near a mirror will rejuvenate and enhance the flow of Chi energy through your surroundings.

Mirrors should always be framed around their edges.

Next Steps

Learn more about Feng Shui and all of the areas of the Bagua.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

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