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Feng Shui in Home Design

Ensure that you are using the appropriate element,  color, pattern or material for every aspect of your home design.

The five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in their creative cycle.

The five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in their creative cycle.



Feng Shui Elements

In terms of Feng Shui, the element is the central theme to many of the areas of the Bagua.

Thus, make sure that you utilize wood or something representing wood in the Family Area and earth in the Health Area.

Feng Shui Colors

The choice of colors is quite important because they often represent the elements and therefore the various areas of the Bagua.  For instance, red represents fire and is ideal in the Fame & Reputation Area.  Purple is the color of royalty and is best found in the Wealth & Prosperity Corner.

Feng Shui Patterns

Patterns can also represent elemental objects.  As an example, a pattern of wavy or undulating lines would best represent water and should be placed in the Career Area.  Patterns with circular shapes represent metal and thus the Creativity & Children Area.

Material Color Pattern

Feel free to take things quite literal when it comes to patterns.  For instance, you could use a throw pillow with dollar signs in your Wealth & Prosperity Corner, a pattern with sailboats in your Travel Corner, hearts would go with your Love & Relationships Corner, etc.

Feng Shui Materials

Of course, many materials are exactly the same as the elements.  A wooden hutch, for instance, would be best placed in the Family Area while metal furniture is best placed in the Children & Creativity Area.

Some materials can be a bit more tricky, but think of where they come from.  Fabric from cotton or linen is made from the earth and would be ideal in the Health Area, for instance.

Next Steps

Research and use some creative thinking when doing interior design.  The use of colors, patterns and materials can represent various elements that correlate directly with various areas of the Bagua.

Remember to always think twice before you place an object in your home or office.  Make sure it won’t conflict with your harmony and balance.

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