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Corner Lot Feng Shui and Cures

Just as nobody puts Baby in a corner, nobody puts Feng Shui in a corner (lot home, that is).

Feng Shui of Corner Lot Homes

Though it is best not to get yourself in a corner lot house situation, I do offer cures to make the most of your situation if you already live in a corner lot home.

Basic Feng Shui Advice

Simply: Great for businesses, bad for homes.

As I noted about cul-de-sac homes and T-intersection properties previously, my first advice to someone considering a corner lot home is to stay away.

As with cul-de-sac homes, home builders were once able to charge a premium for corner lots. In areas with more buyers knowledgable of Feng Shui, however, they now often find that corner lot homes are the last to go.

Moreover, you might notice that a common theme for foreclosure listings are homes on a corner lot, cul-de-sac or at a T-intersection.

With much in Feng Shui, including corner lots, the issues are really just common sense rather than just energy flow.

Pros & Cons

Not that corner lots are completely bad. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a corner lot.

Bad Feng Shui of Corner Lots Crash


  • More yard space
  • Half as many neighbors
  • Corner lot businesses are easier to find
  • Highly visible decorations or signage
  • Emergency services may respond faster


  • More sidewalk or fencing to maintain
  • Noisier traffic & pedestrians
  • More headlights point at windows
  • Pedestrians taking shortcuts through yard
  • Cars turn around in your driveway
  • Yard more likely to be used by dogs
  • Exposure to car crashes

In addition to the above, Feng Shui suggests that corner lots offer the following disadvantages:

Bad Feng Shui Corner Lots

  • Energy gets stuck coming around corners
  • Energy erodes at the property, causing long-term health and financial issues
  • Poison arrow created by diagonally opposite property
  • Poison arrows from the car headlights pointing at the home

Feng Shui Cures

What if you already live in a corner lot home?

Resolving the Feng Shui issues is very similar with the resolutions offered for a cul-de-sac home. You will want to ensure that the Feng Shui energy called Chi (or “Qi”) doesn’t get stuck and that you slowly navigate it to your home’s front door.

Start by slowing the crossing energy coming at your home. Utilize landscaping like tall shrubs, walls, fences or even sturdy posts near your front curb (this also helps prevent unsuspecting car drivers from ending up in your living room).

Feng Shui Landscaping for Corner Lots -Trees

Now, add some water and wind features between your curbside landscaping and the doorway. Try utilizing a pond, pool, water fountain or birdbath. Any calm flowing water feature will do. You could also add windmills or other moving garden elements. Adding elements such as these helps slow down and refresh your incoming Chi.

Next, create a pathway that winds from the curb to your front door such that it navigates its way through the landscaping effects at the curb and through your garden features to your front door.

Feng Shui Landscaping for Corner Lots -Fountain

Make sure that the lighting at your front door is uplifting and bright.

As I suggest as a quick cure with T-intersection homes, use a convex Bagua mirror at your doorway to bounce away the effects of those poison arrows pointing at your home. It doesn’t need to be visible from outside.

Next Steps

You deserve to live a life of abundant wealth and health. Make sure that your home is providing for you.

Remember that the Feng Shui of corner lot homes can be very problematic.

Don’t ignore them!

If these cures don’t work for you, there may be other Feng Shui factors involved with the interior of your particular house.  Take necessary steps because you deserve to live a life of harmony and balance.  Start by reviewing the Feng Shui Bagua of your home.

If you run into any problems along the way or are looking for some professional guidance, contact me. I pride myself in adding harmony and balance while not making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded in your home. You can get a consultation in-person or virtually via video chat.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices the Feng Shui way. As your consultant, you will be able to get one-on-one advice for how to attract positive energy and improve your life with Feng Shui. I offer in-home and virtual services. Contact me today!

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  1. Miguel Ortega says:

    Thank you for your information on corner lots

  2. Toni says:

    Hi I’ve just moved into a rental property and I’m on a corner lot and the side of my house is in a cul de sac. I live in a very quiet street with a vacant lot opposite me. What can I do to fix this problem. Thank you in advance. Toni Harrison.

    • Jessie Kim says:

      I would plant or place pots of colorful flowers along your property, hang wind chimes on both sides of your home, where it faces the corner and where it faces the vacant lot and cul de sac.

  3. Ajay Grewal says:

    I’m considering building at a corner lot and I also own another lot next to the corner lot. Is it better to build at the lot right on the corner or the one behind it? Also, the corner lot entry faces West with large trees along the West edge of the lot. Corner lot address is 720 and the one behind it is 750. The ocean is approximately 1.5 miles down the hill from the property.


    • Jessie Kim says:

      Without having seen the whole property all I can say is that if you have the option to build away from the corner lot then I would. Let me know if you would like to do a consultation to see where to build and to review all your plans with Feng Shui in mind.

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