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How to Sell Homes Faster with Feng Shui

As Asian-American populations continue to rise and accumulate wealth, Realtors and home builders are continually looking for ways to cater to the real estate needs of these buyers.

Feng Shui Asian Family Buys Home

According to a recent Better Homes & Gardens survey, Feng Shui plays a role in home selection for a staggering 86% of Chinese-Americans.  Moreover, 79% are willing to invest more for homes that apply Feng Shui principles.

Though my primary clientele is home builders, I have had a substantial increase in the number of agents and sellers contacting me to help prepare their listings for sale with Feng Shui in mind. One of my clients, in fact, told NPR that adding Feng Shui to her home attracted an offer from a Chinese couple for almost $100,000 more than her previous best offer.

Here are three basic Feng Shui tips to help get a fast sale and maximize your sales price.

Eliminate the Clutter

Feng Shui Clutter

Clutter prevents Qi energy from flowing smoothly through a property. A home with naturally-flowing Qi brings harmony and balance to anyone stepping into the space. According to the Better Homes & Gardens survey, 64% of respondents are looking for organized and clutter-free space.

Everything should be well-organized and there should be relatively few trinkets. Even closets, shoe racks and garages should be cleared. If necessary, rent a storage unit to temporarily store items while the home goes through the viewing process.

Re-Arrange the Bedroom

Bed Feng Shui -Good

72% of Chinese-Americans look for important Feng Shui aspects in the bedroom. This makes sense, because this is where one re-energizes for the next day.

The first thing to do is make sure that the bed is not aligned with the door. Additionally, ensure that there are either no mirrors in the bedroom or that they are at least pointed away from the bed.

Choose Good Dates for Showings

Feng Shui buyers often consult with me to pick auspicious dates and times for their special occasions, such as opening a business, getting married or moving into a new home.

Chinese Birth Date Numerology Analysis

Realtors and homeowners also make use of this principle to set good dates and times for their showings, boosting their chances of closing a deal during a showing.

Next Steps

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, a growing percentage of buyers find it incredibly important to the home buying process.

There is much more to Feng Shui than these three simple tips.  Visit my blog to get some additional Feng Shui information.  If you are a serious seller, however, you need to hire a Feng Shui expert to identify and help cure dangerous elements to your property without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded inside.

If you are a Realtor or are looking to prepare your home for sale, contact me today.  As your 3rd generation real estate Feng Shui expert, I will help you get your home ready for a faster sale!

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