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Going to the Chapel? Don’t Forget to Feng Shui Your Wedding

So your beau (or the beau of your friend) has finally popped the question, and you can’t wait to tie the knot! Congratulations! Now, start your new life off right by bringing the positive power of Feng Shui into your wedding day with these tips.

The Color Combos
Colors hold powerful meanings in Feng Shui and will set the mood at your event. They can also reflect the two of you as a couple, so choose wisely.

  • Red: A traditional Chinese wedding color and the right choice if you want to incorporate a strong sense of love and romance into your day.
  • Pink: Pink is the color for you if you are a young couple and you want to bring out the lighthearted playfulness from your guests.
  • Orange: A warm color, perfect for a large guest list, orange will promote conversation as well as a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Yellow: A cheerful hue, yellow is a bright color. It shines like the sun, so if your space is not well lit, find a way to tie it in.
  • Greens and Blues: It is well known that blues and greens promote calming feelings and as such, they are perfect for a wedding of a couple who have known each other a long time or even a second wedding.
  • Purple and Violet: Having a small intimate wedding with close friends and family? Bring out a passionate vibe with purple and/or violet tones.
  • Black and white: You can’t go wrong with the color of the yin and the yang! Black and white represents positive Feng Shui which means a strong and balanced relationship is in your future!

Wedding Wear
When choosing your wedding day attire, think color and fabric. Did you know that white is the color of death and mourning in Chinese and Feng Shui culture? Due to this, it is recommended that if the bride really wants to wear white on her wedding day, go for an off-white shade such as beige, ivory or even gold.

Just as important as the colors that you incorporate into your day are the fabrics you choose in your wedding wear. Focusing on the balance of the yin and the yang, the heavy fabrics represent the yin and the light fabrics represent the yang. It’s important to have a balance of both in your attire. Some light, excitable fabrics include chiffon, organza, and tulle. For the heavy fabrics, try and choose fabrics that carry a quiet energy like satin, brocade, or shantung.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Okay, color is coming up again in our third tip to promote wedding day Feng Shui. Are you starting to see a trend here? Blue is a color that represents peace and serenity, so borrowing something blue for your big day can only bring peace to what can be a stressful event! Do you have a couple in your life that has had a long, happy marriage with a happy family? Try to have your borrowed item come from them. That person’s happy, positive energy just might rub off on you!

The Venue
So you have your color scheme and wedding attire picked out, and you’re ready to search out the perfect venue. Here are a few things to keep in mind. A must have for your Feng Shui checklist is a bright venue with lots of natural light. Bright light = bright future, got it? Overhead lighting can press down on you and your guests, so natural light is where it’s at! Look for a place with plenty of windows, or if going for a more romantic feel, light plenty of candles and add mirrors to expand the light. Oh, and no clocks allowed! You want a timeless union. Finally, ask that the venue to provide an odd number of place settings at each table (an odd number of tables as well). We’re not looking to divide things in two at our reception or in our marriage.

The Departure
The day has been everything you have dreamed about, and now it’s time for the big departure of the new Mr. and Mrs! Don’t forget to incorporate Feng Shui here as well! As you make your getaway have your guests shower you with one of the following symbolic items:

  • Flower petals: Petals, especially rose petals, symbolize love and a new beginning.
  • Grains or beans: Getting showered with these items are an age-old tradition in Chinese weddings. They symbolize prosperity and fertility to have a family. By the way, it turns out that the rumor regarding the ill effects of rice on birds is absolutely false. I guess the lesson here is not to listen to every old wives’ tale.
  • Bubbles: Expanding bubbles in water symbolizes your wealth growing like bubbles.

You’ve finally made it through the crowds and the grain and/or bean shower and climb into, wait for it, a black limo. Remember what we said about white? It represents death and mourning, and you don’t want that on this day. The color black symbolizes a stable foundation that every marriage, especially yours, should start with. Inside the limo, hang a mirror from the back or a crystal from the rearview mirror to ward off darkness and help create a bright new beginning.

Registry Tips
When registering for gifts, stay away from anything that cuts or divides, such as knives or scissors. You don’t want anything that will cut your beautiful, marriage into pieces! Register for gifts in odd numbers, as you don’t want your household items to be easily divided in halves later. Also, no clocks or watches as gifts, just like the day of the ceremony, you don’t want your relationship to “run out of time”.

Congratulations, and here’s to positivity and good fortune on your special day and forever loving marriage!

Next Steps

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