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YES! Summer is here, which means warm weather, barbecues, and vacation. It’s time to get away from all of life’s chaos and surrender to fun and relaxation. For some, traveling presents a whole other level of stress because you’ll be away from the comforts of home. Wish you could take your balanced Feng-Shui-coziness of home along with you? Oh, but you can! Bring it along with you internally by setting clear intentions for expectations before setting off. Read on to find out more on how you can get away AND bring the power of Feng Shui with you!

Traveling to Your Destination

Feng Shui is all about creating a balanced, positive energy in all of one’s livable spaces. Believe it or not, this includes vehicles. The ancient Chinese art teaches that incorporating the 5 elements – earth, wood, water, fire, and metal – can help with this balance. Whether you’ll be traveling by car, train, or plane this summer, follow these helpful tips to help you and your loved ones be in harmony.

  • Car Prep: Have your car inspected at a garage to make sure it’s safe for traveling long distances. Safety includes getting rid of those sometimes-toxic air fresheners. You don’t want your family breathing those harsh chemicals in the entire trip! Replace them with all natural essential oils such as a purification oil or sage, which can also purify the space. Sage can also be helpful for clearing your space before setting off. If traveling by train or plane, consider a diffuser bracelet or necklace which are also helpful ways to breath in the power of essential oils. If you don’t want to invest in jewelry, you can apply it topically on your hands or on your wrists to help you breathe it in.
  • Clutter-Free Trip: One of the biggest Feng Shui lessons is to live a life free of clutter and garbage within your surroundings. These things can create chaos, and pull your energy down. Cleanliness plays a huge role here as well. Before taking a road trip, make sure your car is clutter free and clean, including the carpets. Don’t forget those windows! They are, after all, the eyes of your vehicle, so keeping them clean is important. The same goes if traveling by train or plane. Keep your immediate area free of clutter and garbage.
  • Rock Out the Chi: Turn on your favorite tunes! Music can actually get rid of negative energy, or chi, and make you and your passengers feel revitalized!
  • Hydrate: Everyone knows that staying hydrated with plenty of water is important especially in the hot summer months. Water also happens to be one of the five key elements. Representing thoughtfulness and clarity, water will help flush out negative energy caused by electronic devices. Always have your water with you while you travel, for Feng Shui and for your health!


At Your Destination

When you’ve finally arrived at your home away from home, the first thing on your to-do list should be to make sure you have a clean space. Clear the energy, and the air, at the very start. If available, burn some sage or pull out those essential oils. Help maintain this positive chi by pulling out that Feng Shui travel case you pre-packed weeks ago. Oh, what’s a Feng Shui travel case, you ask? Here’s what’s in it and why you should never leave home without one for a vacation.

  • Bring Home With You: Help maintain the strength of your relationship with your family by carrying a few small photos of your most cherished times together. This can help smooth out your communication while traveling. Position the photos where you can see it when going to sleep and upon waking.
  • Diffuse Some Energy: Bring along that diffuser in your bag as another helpful Feng Shui tool. Diffuse lavender oil to take advantage of its relaxing scent and to refresh your energy throughout the day. Other popular oils to consider for traveling are citrus which helps dispose of negative energy, and orange essential oil which is thought to drive away negative thoughts.
  • Seriously… Clean It: I personally like to wipe down all the light switches, door handles, and TV remotes with antibacterial wipes with a couple of drops of lemon essential oils to kill any germs left behind by the previous tenants. Even the nicest hotels don’t usually clean their switches and handles.
  • Neutralize Electricity: Big televisions and electrical devices can also affect balanced emotions. Unplugging and/or covering said television, as well as any other electrical devices, when not in use, may help with getting a better night of sleep when traveling.

I hope these tips can help you travel with ease, and with more excitement. Go on an adventure! Take it all in! Use those senses to see, smell, touch, taste, and listen.

Next Steps

Feng Shui doesn’t stop when you get home.  Get prepared for your next vacation by planning for it with Feng Shui.  Learn about the Travel Corner of your home to not only attract it, but to enhance it.

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I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices without making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

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