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Use Feng Shui to Travel More (or Less)

Feng Shui Travel & Helpful People -BeachDo you want to travel more?  Alternatively, are you sick of being on the road and want to stay home little bit more?

Where Are You Headed?
Look around your front door.  Is there a picture of you facing the door or  is your picture hanging outside the door line (draw a rectangle of your floor plan with the front door being the front edge of the rectangle)?

These situations represent you leaving the house a lot or being outside the house all the time.

Where to Go?
If you would like to travel more, you can boost up your Helpful People & Travel corner with the pictures or objects representing the places to which you would like to travel.  You could also add a picture of yourself (and family) by the front door.

Make sure you don’t just leave your children’s pictures by the door, as you don’t want them leaving the house all the time (or maybe you do want them to leave!).

Next Steps
For more information, read about the Helpful People & Travel corner of the Bagua.

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