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Don’t Forget to Feng Shui Your Car!

Chinese Feng Shui Bagua Qi ChiYes, you can Feng Shui your car!

Where I live in Southern California, we spend a lot of time in our cars.

Does your car represent how you want to be?

You might not be driving your dream car right now, but keep it up like you are.

Start With a Clean Slate
Keep it clean inside and out.

When your car is clean, you are not embarrassed about people seeing or getting into your car.

The same goes for the energy.

Good energy likes to be around clean and organized places, including cars.

Who knows?  The next time you are not shy about giving someone a ride, he or she can be your connection to your new career, new relationship, or just someone who turns out to be the best friend you have always needed.

It’s even a safe thing to do, you don’t want empty water bottles or trash rolling around in your car, as it can get stuck in your brake peddle.

If you were to get into an accident those loose “things” in your car, they could hurt you or a passenger, even in a small accident.

Next Steps
Have fun creating some positive energy in your car!

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