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Have you been trying to conceive for a while but still have no bun in the oven? It may surprise you that it could have something to do with the Feng Shui energy in your home. Feng Shui can help you create a more balanced and relaxed environment for conception. When trying to conceive, two things should always be addressed: the couple and the home. Read on to find out how you can harness and direct the chi in your home to help you create your new bundle of joy.

Improving Fertility Feng Shui in the Home

The first place you can look to improve your fertility Feng Shui is right outside your front door! In Feng Shui, the door is considered the “mouth of chi,” so it’s where all of the energy enters the home. This is why it’s important to make sure there is open space here, meaning there’s nothing in the direct line with your front door such as a tree, car, or other object. It’s also important to avoid plant overgrowth in this area. Think about allowing fresh, healthy energy to enter and flow throughout your home.

The next place to focus on is the Children & Creativity Area of the home. Using elements to activate this part of your home, which is located at the center/right portion of your home’s floor plan, can help. These elements include: The shape of a circle, a metal element, white and/or metallic colors, as well as accessories representing mothers, babies & children, and families. An example of this might be to get a circle-shaped metal frame, paint it in a metallic color and use it to display a picture of a happy family.

Bump That Bed

We have great news! There’s a lot you can do in your marital bedroom to help with your fertility Feng Shui. Before doing anything else, though, we recommend cleaning and clearing the clutter first. Want to know the Feng Shui gold standard for improving your conception chances in the bedroom? Shifting the bed a bit to the left or right. That’s simple enough right? While you’re working on the bed, it’s also a good idea to flip the mattress over.


Get that vacuuming under the bed out of the way now… and then hold off during the time you’re trying to conceive, throughout the pregnancy and even a few weeks after the baby is born. While cleaning now, it’s a good idea to remove any items unrelated to rest and romance from the room. This includes exercise equipment, televisions, and work objects such as computers. Doing this will create a more fertility-friendly space where romance can be nurtured.

Don’t forget to address the problem areas such as overcrowded closets or cluttered rooms. Cleaning will help allow new fertile, creative energy to enter your life. Once everything is clean, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve just helped increase your chances of conception. Yay!

The Relationship Corner

Oooo La La! It’s time to talk about pointers for creating a healthy and romantic Relationship Corner in the bedroom. From the doorway, take a closer look at the far right corner of the room, as this is the Relationship Corner. Focus on this area is suggested for optimal fertility Feng Shui chi. You can help to activate this area with several things that might help. These include items that represent romance to the couple, the color red, the shape of a square and an Earth element (such as a vase). Whenever possible, try to use items in pairs, such as two of the same lamps, pillows, etc.


In Feng Shui, colors are important, and it’s no different in the bedroom. For instance, sleeping on green sheets will help remove any energy blockages and heal any disease or ailment that may be preventing conception from occurring. It’s also believed that green sheets will allow for a healthy pregnancy to implant.

Painting the wall behind the marital bed yellow can also help in conception efforts. The colors yellow and orange are most associated with fertility in Feng Shui since these are the colors of children’s energy. Only a bit of yellow and orange will do since they are is also stimulating colors that can prevent rest if overused.

If this seems like too many colors, just focus on one or two. Another way to approach it might be to use touches of these colors, like green sheets with corresponding pillows that have some yellow and orange in them, or green sheets with a piece of framed artwork (in a square frame) of a happy family that has orange and yellow tied in somehow. Perhaps use a metal frame with baby chicks. There are so many ways to make Feng Shui doable for you.


The use of symbols is another important element of Feng Shui. There are lots of different symbols you can represent in the bedroom. It’s important to choose just one or two that you might have in your home already or that stand out for you, and focus on those. In other words, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and get one of every symbol related to fertility. It’s all about creating the perfect energy and surrounding yourself with things that relate best to you or that you love.

Next Steps

There are so many ways to make your bedroom a romantic, fertility-friendly space. I have given you a lot of ideas to add to your fertility Feng Shui tool box. Take the ideas that are both doable and meaningful for you, and put them to work in your home. The ultimate goal is to use Feng Shui to create a positive environment in which miracles can occur. Happy baby-making!

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