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Fall Into Autumn with Feng Shui

Ah, the fall, how I love thee. With the change of the season comes a definite shift in energy. It’s a shift we can feel, see, smell, and touch, and it’s amazing. In Autumn, our yang energy quiets down and our chi is now yin in nature. This makes it a perfect time to reflect, gather our energy, and slow it down.

Surprisingly, the element of metal governs the season of Autumn. Fall’s energy, which is cold and contracting, is associated with communication, creativity, inspiration, and symbols. Since the goal in Feng Shui is to bring our interior space into balance with the natural world around us, it’s important to balance the metal element in people this season. Metal is powerful. When balanced projects get completed in time, we are filled with a sense of ethics and justice, and we are surrounded by benefactors. Sound good?

Read on to find out how to harness the power of the metal element, release what no longer serves, and be open to new experiences this fall season.

A Cornucopia of Color

When thinking about fall, most people associate it with the vibrant colors seen in the falling leaves. The beauty of this season is unlike any other, so bringing those colors into your home decor can inspire you.

  • Red: This color is seen as abundant and healthy in Feng Shui. It attracts attention, as well as new opportunities, making it a great choice for front-door-decor.
  • Orange: This is a social color, and can help vamp up the conversations at your fall family gatherings.
  • Yellow and Brown: These are considered earthy colors which bring a grounding and comforting energy to your abode.
  • Silver, Gray and Black: These colors represent the element of the season, metal, which stimulates mental strength and intelligence.

Which colors speak to you? Tie in touches of the colors that you love to help with your fall Feng Shui.

Celebrate the Harvest

The metal element, which stimulates mental strength, can be translated into the home by adding oval decorations. You guys, this is good news! You know what fruit is widely used in the fall season? Pumpkins!! Pumpkins are oval in shape! They not only add a fall ambience to our decor, but they’re regarded as lucky charms in Feng Shui. These orange, oval gems attract material goods and wealth. But, that’s not all, folks! Pumpkins are also seen as protection against negative energy, so putting a few outside your front door is a refreshingly crisp idea!

Apples are another great fall fruit that symbolize peace. Adding a bowl of red apples to your table this season also symbolizes your table never being empty, meaning you’ll have an abundance of energizing food all season long. Whether it’s pumpkins or apples, gourds, pine cones or acorns, they all represent good health and a long life. So, incorporate what you love into your home decor.

The Eyes of Your Home

Your windows are considered the eyes of your home in Feng Shui, and they warrant their own section in this week’s blog. Windows help regulate incoming and outgoing energy in our homes. Since the weather is going to start cooling down, keeping this energy flow balanced is important. We want the keep the warm and happy energy in while also keeping the chi of the cool breeze flowing throughout the home. To avoid having your home be closed up and stuffy this season, open a window or two a couple of times a day to freshen the air with a cool breeze. On cold nights, keeping the windows closed will help guarantee keeping that cozy, warm air in.

Another important job of windows in Feng Shui is helping to bring in natural light. Light in Feng Shui represents the fire element which provides us with the strongest manifestation of energy. It has a dominant influence on the quality of chi in any home. You can read more about it in my blog titled, “Bright Light in Feng Shui.” Make sure you let the bright natural light into your home during the day. Since it’s getting dark early, make adjustments to bring more light into the interior of your home for dark, early nights. This can be achieved by switching to full spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural daylight, especially with winter coming.

Next Steps

Welcome Autumn! Bring on the changing of the leaves, the brisk days and cold nights, the cozy clothes, the wonderful taste of warm stews, soups, and of course hot chocolate on a cold evening. Bring on the seasonal gatherings with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for the health and abundance in our life. Wishing you all a wonderful Feng Shui’d fall!!

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