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Achieving Your Goals With Feng Shui

You’ve been dreaming of that promotion for a long time now – putting in extra hours, taking on more responsibilities and even sacrificing other commitments to reach your goal.

Feng Shui Career

While your efforts have matched the power of your dreams, have you wondered why the results are slow in coming?

The answer might lie in negative energy flow undermining the power of your dreams, undercutting your hard work and making you feel down.

Take a close look at your self-talk. Are you saying the right things to yourself? For instance, do you have funny t-shirts or posters that may subconsciously negate your intentions?

Now, take a look at your environment. According to the layout of your home or office’s Bagua, is everything in order to amplify your creative cycle? If not, it may be working to destroy your efforts.

Don’t despair; the answer to your problem is at hand. The right Feng Shui approach can work wonders towards helping you achieve your goals.

Power of Words

Words are powerful… and empowering. The words you use will help you harness the Feng Shui energy around you called Chi (or “Qi”) to be used to improve your life.

Regarding those funny t-shirt comments, don’t use words that you don’t actually want to apply.  They may be funny, but do you really want your kid to be “spoiled rotten,” “crazy man,” etc.?

Bad Feng Shui Baby Onesie

Even imagery can have negative connotation.  Having a baby in a skull & bones onesie, for instance, can be toxic for you and them.

The question is, how can you harness Chi to fulfill your goals?

One of the first steps is to note down your goals. Simple, right? Have you done it yet?

Better yet, translate your written goals into visual pictures using a dream board.

Now, place these written goals or your dream board someplace where you can see them daily to reinforce the message.

Be careful not to clutter your space with any and every idea you have. Instead, focus on what is most important and give it a place of prominence. This activity will ensure that you are constantly reinforced with these ideas, improving the energy flow and power of your goals.

The Right Environment

Your dreams might face obstacles due to negative flow of energy in your home or office.

Home Bagua Overlay

Use my website to help guide you to ensure you resolve stairway issues, have your desk setup correctly, and are using color and art to your Feng Shui advantage.

The Bagua of your home is broken down into nine distinctive Guas and you can learn about each of them on my site. Forgetting to give each area some attention will break down the creative cycle of your Chi flow.

After all, as per Feng Shui, it is vital to have the right environment if you are to achieve your goals.

Firing Things Up

Feng Shui Fame & Reputation

Is your Fame and Reputation Area fired up? Make sure this Gua is bright and supports the flame for your recognition.

This is one area, in particular, that I would not ignore. Give it special attention so that you, in turn, will get special attention from others.

Get Help from Others

Make sure that those around you support you and your efforts to achieve your goals. To do this, maximize your use of the Helpful People Corner of your home or office.

In fact, write a couple of notes specifically detailing how people will assist you. Write how your boss will notice your extra efforts at the office. Write how your coworker will start giving you the credit for your successes.

Now, fold up and place these notes in a silver box in your Helpful People Corner. Once your goal has been achieved, swap them out with new notes.

Keep it Positive

There will always be obstacles in your way. They will work to make your dreams more elusive than they actually are.

Dalai Lama

To counteract your obstacles, it might be helpful to reinforce positive and inspirational messages. Instead of thinking dark thoughts, it is more important to seek optimistic ideas and people.  In fact, like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to get some periodic inspiration.

Whenever you find a motivating quote that speaks to you, note it down. Better yet, type it out as your email signature as a friendly reminder. You will be surprised how much words can uplift you and your environment.

Next Steps

These are complex matters that need an expert to be addressed. So, even as you focus on the power of words to achieve your goals, it is important to ensure the flow of energy in your home and work space is perfect.

With that said, if you have a t-shirt like this one, get rid of it.

Bad Feng Shui T-Shirt

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. Make sure that your home and office are providing for you.

If you run into any problems along the way or are looking for some professional guidance, contact me. I pride myself in adding harmony and balance while not making it look like a Chinese restaurant exploded in your home. You can get a consultation in-person or virtually via video chat.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices the Feng Shui way. As your consultant, you will be able to get one-on-one advice for how to attract positive energy and improve your life with Feng Shui. I offer in-home and virtual services. Contact me today!

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