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Feng Shui Art: Paintings and Pictures

Jackie Kim's Korean Folk Art Min Hwa Scene for Feng ShuiWhat do the pictures and paintings in your house say about you?

When you look around your house, does your artwork represent you?

Does the artwork reflect who you are?

More importantly, do they make you feel like and be the person you want to be?

Do they make you feel happy, vibrant, filled with life, full of love, excited, creative and successful?

Or do they say that you’re alone, stressed out, and struggling?

Moving Forward
Most of the time, the artwork you have represents who you are now or were before.

And is that what you want to be?

If you are happy exactly how you are, then that is great!

Something New
But, if you feel like you are always living paycheck to paycheck, not getting any respect from your coworkers or from friends and family, then something has to change.

If this is the case, see if you have any artwork that might make you feel that way.

Third-Person Perspective
Most of the time, you will love the artwork and feel like you are “in” the artwork.

So, you likely won’t notice it.  But, if you were to ask a third-party to look at it, will they see something else?

Waves on the Lighthouse
When I met my husband, he had a picture of a lighthouse with a giant wave ready to crash down on it in the career section of his house.

He was a salesman, and for a salesman to be seen as being out there in the sea all by himself, waves crashing down on him all the time, it’s got to be stressful.

And yes, he was all alone in his career and felt overwhelmed.

Jackie Kim's Korean Folk Art Min Hwa Dragon for Feng Shui

In fact, my husband now has one of these paintings with a dragon in the wealth corner of his office.

Next Steps
So, look around you and see what your art speaks about you.  Better yet, have someone else tell you what they see.

For more in-depth information, please read up on Feng Shui and how different areas of your life are impacted by what you do with various areas of your home or office.

Have fun being the curator of your own life!

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