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I Feel a Change Coming On!

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility - Writer's BlockWho likes change? Well, I guess it has to be the right type of change.

And for so many of us, change can sometimes feel overwhelming and uncomfortable.

Let’s assume you aren’t happy with your job. And let’s be honest, chances are you didn’t want to come in to work this morning.

Is there something better out there?

What if you find another job and it turns out to be worse than the one you have?

What if you take that leap of faith and can’t find a job to replace your current income?

Well, let’s not take that leap quite yet.

Instead, let’s make strategic changes… the Feng Shui way! You see, I prefer to use Feng Shui to make the good jobs come to me.

We are going to start with the little things around the house and see how it feels.

And if the small changes you make don’t feel good, simply change them back.

If things work out with the small changes I suggest, however, keep making minor tweaks.

I Like to Move It – Move It!

Feng Shui Career / Business / Life PathStart by making some modifications to the layout of your furniture. Along the way, you’ll likely find some dust bunnies and loose change under the sofa. Clean up and pocket the change.

Have you had the same old artwork hanging on the walls? Do they represent who you want to be and what you want to do? If not, make changes using my suggestions from this prior post on artwork.

Things can start to look very different in a fresh way. Start accepting that fresh new feeling and start seeing yourself in that dream job.

Imagine yourself loving every minute of being at your job, surrounded by wonderful new co-workers and a team leader looking to cheer you on.

Start Welcoming in New Energy.

Feng Shui Red DoorYour front door is always seen as your Career area.

Wash and clean your front door area and wipe away those cobwebs by your door bell.

Make sure your door bell works and has an uplifting chime to it.

Leave your front porch light on at night to brighten up your career path.

Clean up or replace your welcome mat so that it is truly welcoming.

If you normally enter and exit your home through the doorway to the garage, start using your front door instead.

Seriously, park your car in the garage but walk out and go through your front door. Your front door is where all the energy comes in to fuel you and your family with positive energy.

It seems silly, I know. But, you’ll begin to see how, if cleaned up well, walking through your front door brightens your life.

Learn more about the Career area of your home here.

Fire it Up!

Feng Shui Fame & Reputation -ActingOnce you are ready to welcome in that change and new career, start firing it up!

By that, I mean go to the Fame and Reputation area of your home and add some fire elements to it.

It can be something as simple as a candle or a picture of something red.  Stars or other pointy objects work really well, too.

You can try hanging a red dress, a red tie, a red jacket or even a pair of red socks if your Fame and Reputation area is in a closet.

Be creative! This is your chance to call in that dream job you’ve always wanted! For some other ideas, learn a little more about the Fame and Reputation area.

Welcome Change

Now you can keep your eyes open for those new career opportunities to come to you! Don’t lay out the welcome mat for the new career only to let it pass you by.

Start welcoming change! Change is a good thing!

Especially if you didn’t initiate the change, it can feel overwhelming or just plain bad (like getting laid off).  But, you can make the most of even that change.

Did you really love that job? If it wasn’t for them letting you go, would you have ever looked for your dream job that you were always too scared to go for previously?

Use this time as a chance to go after your dream career! Don’t be scared of change; embrace it and let it work in your favor with Feng Shui!

Next Steps
Leave a comment below with some creative ideas about how you will change your environment through Feng Shui to improve your situation.

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  1. sonya says:

    my son is in competitive sports. I recently purchased a victory banner for him. Should I display it in this area or career, life path? Thank you

    • Jessie Kim says:

      Sonya- Great question! I would put the victory banner up on the Fame and Reputation wall in his room to represent him so that he will be noticed as a victorious sportsman. All the best!

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