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Feng Shui Your Rental Properties for Good Luck

What is Feng Shui?

While some may believe that Feng Shui is only superstition, an increasing percentage of the population consider it essential for good luck and will only consider homes that have good Feng Shui elements.

What Is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how energy, or Chi, flows throughout our surroundings. In one application, Feng Shui is then used to direct Chi in ways that are most harmonious to the occupants of homes in terms of wealth, health, relationships, etc.

Practical Feng Shui Applications
Moreover, Feng Shui has practical applications.  It is likely that even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui or Chi, you will be more naturally attracted to homes that are the beneficiaries of Feng Shui applications… and so will more potential tenants.

How Feng Shui in Rental Properties Affect You
Further, your rental properties are an extension of you.  Not only will bad Feng Shui in a rental unit impact your tenants, but it will also impact you.  More specifically, if money problems impact your renter, it impacts you.

I have found that if I use the principles of Feng Shui and increase the curb appeal, I can charge more for my units and generally get higher-quality applicants.

So, here are five Feng Shui (and practical) tips for keeping your properties rented and the money flowing in.

Feng Shui Prosperity & Wealth -Kitchen Stove

If It’s Broke, Fix It!

Do you have any broken items in the property (leaky faucet, stovetop burner, electrical outlet)? Don’t delay in fixing them, as they can cost you much more in time and money down the road.  Implore your tenants to contact you at the first sign of a problem.

In terms of Feng Shui, water and stoves are symbols of money.  A leaking faucet, for instance, means that money is slipping away.


Whether your tenant is responsible or you are responsible as the landlord, make sure that the yard is properly kept.

Not only can overgrown grass, dead bushes and dog feces be unsightly to tenants (whether it’s their fault or not), they will deteriorate the value of the neighborhood, and therefore, your property.

Feng Shui Red Door

Front Door

Be sure that all of your properties’ doors, particularly the front doors, open easily without creaking or rubbing.

As this is the tenant’s first experience in the property when they step in, it can set the mood for their entire time in the unit.

For Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important areas of a property.  The front door is the gateway for the flow of Chi.

For the sake of the Career, Wisdom, Family, Wealth, Fame, Love, Children, Helpful People and Health areas of the property, keep that energy coming in!

Feng Shui Clutter


Make sure that your lease agreements require that junk is not allowed to accumulate anywhere on the property.

Non-operable cars, a pile of building materials, and even a gathering of children’s toys is not only unsightly, but also hazardous.

Fires, pests and injuries are more likely to occur where there is junk.  In terms of Feng Shui, junk also prevents the flow of Chi.

Knowing when junk has accumulated outside is one thing, but how do you know if it accumulates inside?  I have a clause in all of my lease agreements where my property managers inspect fire alarms and plumbing twice per year.  If they happen to notice a junk issue during a visit, it needs to be cleaned up, per the contract.


When was the last time you repainted the property? If it has been more than a couple of years, consider a new coat. In between, spray down the outside on a warm day to get rid of cobwebs and dust.

When a home gets run down, its energy begins to fade. This is exactly why major hotel chains and department stores constantly upgrade their properties. They understand the need to keep the energy of their multi-million dollar properties alive and flowing.

Make your rental properties (and even your own home and office) inviting. Even if a property is currently occupied, do you think someone would want to move in if it suddenly became vacant? If not, make it so!  Vacancies aren’t fun.  I know.

Next Steps
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(Jessie Kim is a certified Feng Shui consultant and experienced real estate investor. Through her firm, Ms. Feng Shui (, Kim provides personalized, professional, in-person and virtual Feng Shui consultations and seminars. Kim specializes in working with real estate, primarily working with homebuilders on new residential development projects.)

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