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Feng Shui Front Door Cures

About the only good Feng Shui in this home’s front door is the welcome mat!

What do you see when you open the front door into your home?

Do you see your back door to the patio? Do you see a fire place? How about the stairs?

If these things are the very first thing you see as soon as you open your door into your house, your Feng Shui energy flowing into your house called Chi can go straight out the back door, out the chimney and up the stairs, all before it can give energy to any other parts of the house.

Sometimes, such door placements can also drain the energy of the house.

You might feel like the house is sucking the life right out of you.

You can slow down the energy going striaght out by putting some plants in it’s pathway or use some red tape to slow down the energy.

You might even be able to use a crystal to spread that Chi around, just as the same crystal spreads light around.

For more information about the area around your front door, read about the Career /Business / Life Path section of your Bagua.

Don’t let your energy drain away.

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