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Feng Shui Your Holiday Gift Giving

Who knew it was bad Feng Shui to give knives as a gift because it signaled cutting the relationship? Or that giving an empty wallet or handbag, even if they’re the latest designer must-haves, signals lack of wealth? Before you buy another thing, check these tips on how to Feng Shui your gift giving this holiday season.

Feng Shui Christmas Wallet with Money

If you’re going to give a wallet, handbag, pretty box or dish as a gift, put something in it such as cash or a picture of gold bricks or diamonds to bring prosperity to the recipient.

As for knives, they’re never a good idea as a gift. If you receive a gift of knives, you should immediately give a coin to the person who gave them to you so that you’re symbolically buying the gift and neutralizing its effects. I’ve seen and heard stories of relationships going sour after a gift of knives entered the picture.

Wind chimes make an excellent gift since they give off positive energy wherever they’re placed.

Live plants with rounded leaves in red pots symbolize prosperity and are a simple, economical and excellent gift to give for the holidays.

Avoid the temptation to give watches, even smart watches. Timepieces signal that time is running out and the recipient has a limited life span. That’s definitely not a message you want to convey.

Feng Shui Christmas Gold Purse

For a special friend or romantic partner, give precious stones, such as diamonds or sapphires, for health and longevity. After all, who doesn’t want a beautiful precious stone as a holiday gift? A more affordable gift that’s fun and powerful is a red box filled with coins or a red envelope filled with cash that the recipient can put under their bed to bring prosperity and wealth into the New Year.

When giving plants, stay away from spiky plants, roses that have not been de-thorned, or any plants that can ‘pierce’ the relationship. A rose with a smooth stem shows the relationship is friction free and is okay to give.

Good professional gifts include wine, which is a symbol of prosperity, or champagne, which is a symbol of celebration. Sweet fruits and desserts, which are symbols of a sweet life, also make excellent gifts.

No matter what holiday gift you’re giving, wrapping makes all the difference because the first impression sets the tone and influences the experience for the receiver. Red is a color of power & fame and gold symbolizes wealth & prosperity, so wrap gifts using paper and ribbon with those colors.

Even if the recipient knows nothing about Feng Shui, it shows them they’re important to you because you took the time to wrap their gift in beautiful, elegant colors. It shows respect.

And if you bought any of the gifts on the bad Feng Shui list, there’s always time to take them back and get something else. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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