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Feng Shui Front Door Colors

The appropriate color to paint your front door can be confusing.

Aren’t you always supposed to have a red front door?  Not exactly.

Feng Shui Red Front Door

Some people say that having a red front door attracts negative energy.  Others say red is the best color to use, despite the fact that it is in your Career Area, which should be predominantly blue or black.

Which Color is Correct?

As with many things in Feng Shui, the color you choose for your front door depends more on what you want to attract.

For instance, are you looking to bring in some wealth?  Go for red.

Do you need to add some stability to your life?  Brown is the best choice for you.

Here are various colors for your front door and what they are known to attract in Feng Shui:

  • Red = Wealth
  • Green = Growth
  • Blue = Relaxation
  • Brown = Stability

Feng Shui Colors

Next Steps

Read more on colors in Feng Shui as well as the various aspects of your Career Area.

Remember that painting your front door is only one part of a balanced and harmonious home or office.  Be sure you learn more about Feng Shui and make positive changes to all areas of the Bagua.

If you need additional help, contact me to inquire about a consultation.  I will help you achieve the life that you deserve without making your home look like a Chinese restaurant exploded.

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