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3 Christmas Feng Shui Tips

‘Tis the season of greetings and cheer. So, let’s take advantage of it and let it charge our homes with wonderful energy, or “Chi” as we call it in Feng Shui.

While I know that the holidays can be stressful, let’s instead use the holiday spirit to boost our energy.

I love the holiday season for many reasons: family and friends getting together, children’s faces lighting up when they see all the holiday decorations and presents….

Feng Shui Front Door Christmas LightsBut, the best part to me is that I can use holiday decorations to boost the Feng Shui energy in my house.

Here are three tips for getting the best Chi flow during the holidays.

Feng Shui Christmas Tip #1: Make Your Doorway Bright
You don’t have to go crazy with the holiday decorations, but Christmas lights keeping the doorway extra bright not only welcome family and friends, but also new energy for your home.

If possible, keep with the color theme of the Career area of the Bagua by using blue lights around your door.

Feng Shui Christmas TreeFeng Shui Christmas Tip #2: Tree Placement
Try placing that plush and tall Christmas tree in the Fame and Reputation area to give you that extra boost of recognition. Remember that the color of Fame and Reputation is red. While you’re at it, add a big shiny star on top.

Alternatively, place your healthy green tree in the Family area of your home to bring the family together.

Feng Shui Christmas PresentsFeng Shui Christmas Tip #3: Present the Presents
Do you want to feel prosperous? Simply place lots of wrapped Christmas presents under the tree… early, if you can.

This will be one of the few times where I won’t call a pile of boxes “clutter.”

Think of how you felt when you were a child surrounded by holiday cheer and presents.

You never really grow out of that feeling. So don’t even try, Mr. Grinch!

Next Steps
Do you have some tips for me? Add your holiday energy boost ideas in the comments section of my blog.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I have a quick question about your advice regarding decorating the front door. Our front door is facing South West. From our understanding, water is not auspicious for this direction. Would you still suggest blue lights? And if so, why?
    Thanks so much!


    • Jessie Kim says:


      Thank you for your patience in my reply. I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

      My advice is specifically for the Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui. What you are asking is in reference either to Flying Star Feng Shui or the Compass School of Feng Shui. In either case, the ideal direction for you will be different every year.

      If you are following one school of Feng Shui and it generally works for you, then I suggest staying with that school. Mixing up thoughts from different Feng Shui schools will just add confusion and won’t give you the results that you probably desire.

      I describe it like this: If you were traveling from Los Angeles to New York, there are several routes to take on several different modes of transportation. For some, a quick 5-hour flight would be ideal. For others, a scenic route along Route 66 through Chicago would provide the most enjoyment. There’s nothing wrong with either. But, it probably wouldn’t be ideal to change the mode of transportation or the route mid-way in the trip.

      Follow this link for more information on Black Hat vs. Compass schools of Feng Shui.

      If, after doing some research on the differences between these two schools, you should decide that Black Hat is the best Feng Shui for you, please let me know. But, make sure you stick with the plan until the end. Otherwise, it simply won’t give you the outcome you desire.

      Best of luck on your journey!

      Jessie Kim

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