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Feng Shui: Compass or Bagua?

Using the colorful Bagua, we can now look at the individual areas so that we can determine how we affect and are affected by the Chi that flows through these segmented surroundings.

I often get prospective clients looking for a new Feng Shui consultant who invariably tell me a story that goes something like one of these:

Three years ago, she told me that I need to buy a home that faces east, but now everything in my life is terrible.  Do I really now need to change the direction of my front door?

I have been trying to calculate my direction with a compass, but I feel lost.  Can you help?

My husband’s Gua Number is 3 and my Gua Number is 6.  I was told that we have to sleep in opposite directions.  Is this true?

I have studied every school of Feng Shui, including those that would be considered compass schools.  While virtually all of the schools of Feng Shui will get you where you want to go, some are simply more practical for modern living.

As you see from the questions above, following Feng Shui compass schools can be confusing and ever-changing.  For many, it is simply not practical to change the direction of their front door every year or sleep in a different direction than their spouse.

Home Bagua OverlayThe school of Feng Shui that I concentrate on is called the Black Hat School of Feng Shui.  Rather than focusing on the compass, this school puts the focus on the Bagua and how it overlays on a home to control the flow of energy.

While still quite comprehensive and based on the same traditional Feng Shui methods of the other schools, Black Hat Feng Shui is easy-to-follow and helps you attract and harness the energy around your home, regardless of the direction of your front door.

Follows these links for more information on the differing Schools of Feng Shui and for information on the Feng Shui Bagua.

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  1. Lori Blevins says:

    I so love your blog! Wow, what a great job you’ve done! Your articles are wonderfully informative and more importantly to the point. As a recently certified black sect Feng Shui consultant I truly appreciate everything you’ve done here and I’ll certainly be following your blog! Best wishes to you and may you always be twice blessed in good fortune and happiness! Lori Blevins 😀

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