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2015 Year of the Wooden Sheep & Goat

What will my year be like?  What is my fortune for 2015? Will I find love, wealth and a better job in 2015?


2015 is the Year of the Wooden Sheep or Goat in the Chinese Zodiac, or Lunar Calendar. The sheep is seen as a symbol of peace, balance, harmony and calmness. 2015 is also an “8” year in Feng Shui, which means there’s a lot of wealth to be made this year for most in both their personal and professional lives.

Ms Feng Shui 2015 Year of the Sheep Goat

The Chinese New Year doesn’t officially begin until February 19th this year, but that shouldn’t keep us from getting prepared right now!

2015, like any other year, will not be the same for everyone. Just look at your friends and family. Some had a great 2014, while it may have been awful for others. We need to break it down by when you were born – the more precise, the more descriptive the fortune.

Here is general snapshot of 2015 for each of the Chinese Zodiac signs. Please note that I can provide more detail if you give me your accurate birth date and time. If you are interested, please learn more about a Birth Date Numerology Analysis. You will get a month-by-month breakdown of your year specific to you.

These Chinese Zodiac forecasts are good little guidelines to see how you should be presenting yourself in 2015 and how you should arrange your home to make sure you are boosting the energy you need and protecting the areas that needs protecting, like the Health Area of your home.

Don’t know your zodiac sign? No problem. Just click here to find out your Chinese Zodiac Sign.

Ms Feng Shui Chinese Zodiac Signs

  • Year of the Rat: You should watch out for anything you will regret or be blamed for.  Ensure you are doing everything right in your Fame & Reputation Area.
  • Year of the Ox: You should be cautious of any confrontations. The Year of the Sheep and Year of the Ox naturally have jealous energy towards each other, so this year may seem a little confrontational to you.  Boost your Helpful People Corner.
  • Year of the Tiger: You should really keep a close eye on your health and finances.  Make sure you don’t have any plumbing leaks and check on your Health Area and Prosperity Corner.
  • Year of the Rabbit: This is a great year for you! It is the perfect time to make job changes and begin business ventures you have always dreamed of. Just make sure you do what you need to do in your Career Area. Before making any significant moves, find out which months are best for you with a Birth Date Numerology Analysis.
  • Year of the Dragon: You should take extra care in decisions you would like to make this year. Make sure that all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Use the appropriate areas of the Feng Shui Bagua to maximize your goals.
  • Year of the Snake: You should be able to overcome all obstacles you confront and become very successful. Travel is in the forecast this year. You need to keep a close eye on your finances so they don’t get out of control. Make sure that your Helpful People & Travel Area of your house is in good order. Also make sure you quickly resolve any plumbing leaks.
  • Year of the Horse: You can make your dreams come true this year, especially in love and in your career. You will get the recognition you deserve. Make sure that your Fame & Reputation Area is in good order. It wouldn’t hurt to look at your Love Corner and Career Area, while you’re at it.
  • Year of the Sheep: This is your year, but you should keep a close watch on your health. Use your mind more than being physically active to solve problems. Boost that Health Area of your home.
  • Year of the Monkey: You should have positive outcome in nearly all aspects in life: career promotions, love and stable finances.  To really get the most out of your year, make sure everything is in order in your Career Area, Love Corner, and Money Area.
  • Year of the Rooster: You need to keep singular focus on the goal you want to reach. You can get a bit distracted this year with a lot of changes coming your way. Just remember to keep focus on what you really want. Use the appropriate area of the Feng Shui Bagua to maximize your goal.
  • Year of the Dog: You will be driven by your family’s and loved ones’ happiness more than your career. Take a look at your Family Area for some tips on how to maximize your efforts.
  • Year of the Pig: You will have a happy and stable year. Go ahead with your business or life plans you have been planning, but make sure to double-check your health. Ground yourself by making improvements to your Career Area and Health Area first. Before making any significant moves, find out which months are best for you with a Birth Date Numerology Analysis.

Use these Chinese Zodiac forecasts as a guideline to make sure that your home has good Feng Shui to support the energy it needs to boost your energy or protect your energy.

Next Steps

Chinese Birth Date Numerology Analysis

Again, if you want a month-by-month detailed analysis of 2015 based on your birth date and time, please learn more about a Birth Date Numerology Analysis. This is especially important if you are looking to make big changes this year.

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