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Summertime, Feng Shui Style

You know that feeling you get at the very beginning of summer? It’s an excited-to-get-out-and-socialize type of feeling that comes when the heat of summer begins. Our kiddos get it ten-fold.

There’s a reason for that passion you and your children are feeling. That bright, hot sunshine is associated with the active and hot yang energy.

The tricky part is that too much of this “fire” can have the opposite effect on how we feel. It could make us feel tired, listless, and just burned out.

To keep this from happening, we need to find a way to balance out the yin, which is cooler and quieter energy, with the yang. Read on to find ideas on finding this balance at home, with kiddos, or in the office.

Balance for the Home

  • Does this heat have you constantly using your ceiling fans to cool off? While these work for cooling things off a bit, they also create a cutting force bearing down on you. To help lessen this force, hang a crystal from the pull string of the ceiling fans in your home. This prism will help split light and send it radiating in many directions creating positive energy.
  • When thinking of summer we often think of barbecues and microwave ovens to save from turning on the hot stove in our home. In Feng Shui, an unused stove often has the meaning of ignored opportunities or untapped resources. Doesn’t that just make you want to turn on your oven and cook a pizza?! Me too!
  • If you have a lot of bright, primary colors in your home decor, cool it down with some lighter colors to help balance it out. Think light blues or pale greens.
  • If you’re deserting your home to go on vacation, be sure to set timers to turn on lights around your space. This will help add yang energy to what could be passive yin energy that might bring negativity in.

Balance for the Kids

  • I have three words for you: DO NOT OVERSCHEDULE! While you may think that exposing your kiddos to many different activities/sports in the summer is giving them wonderful opportunities, children need downtime to play at home or to just be quiet. An overscheduled child could, some day, result in an anxious and stressed adult.
  • Just like us, our children need space. By cleaning out the clutter from their rooms you are helping them to find their center, allowing them to breathe.
  • When decorating, consider sticking with pastel or soft blues and/or greens. These colors help create internal health and healing while also bringing a quiet sense of calm to children. If your child’s room is painted in a bright primary color and they can’t seem to sleep at night, it might be because the color of their room is too stimulating. Cool it down and help their psyche calm down, so you can all get a good night of sleep.
  • Our summer schedules are oftentimes crazy busy, which means nothing happens when or how it normally does during the school year. Our children need, and often thrive on, routine. Mealtimes, as well as bath and bed times, should be at the same time every night. Keeping it consistent will help your child know what to expect which in turn can help bring calm to your day.
  • Did you know that lavender essential oil is not only calming but is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and will help build your children’s immune system?! Get your hands on some of that goodness from mother nature stat, and diffuse or put it in the bath. You’ll be thankful you did!

Next Steps

While we are thankful for the adventures of summer that the yang energy can provide, it’ll be nice to cool things off and balance things out in the fall too. Summer is quickly approaching its end. Why not take the rest of the summer to just be together as a family? Enjoy every moment by keeping things low-key, and follow these simple Feng Shui tips to get the most out of your remaining summer adventures.

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