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Paint Your Future with Feng Shui

Feng Shui FamilyLook around your home and see what kind of artwork you have.

Do you see beautiful pictures of Spring, your ideal travel location or a picture of a happy couple or loving family?

These are the types of artwork you should see around your home.

Past, Present and Your Future

I come across a lot of clients with pieces of art that mean so much to them because it reminds them of the old times or the struggles they overcame, such as a weathered pier on a placid lake or a lonely country road.

Artwork may speak to the past, but do you really want to be stuck in the past?

A Hazy Shade of Winter

When on consultations, I also often see paintings of wintery, desolate landscapes or colorful Fall foliage.

I usually end up advising them to change out those paintings with beautiful Spring and Summer artwork.

Why? That’s when things are alive and growing!

You want your life to blossom and grow.

In Fall and Winter, on the other hand, most things are at the end of their seasonal lifecycles. Leaves turn and fall while plants wither and die.

Why would you want your home’s energy to be dying?

All the Single Ladies

iStock_000016384549XSmall-300x214I also see a lot of paintings of a beautiful and strong single woman, because many of my clients want to be like her.

Then again, these are typically also the clients who tell me they are looking for happiness and love. When I look around their house and especially at their artwork, however, all I see is the evidence of a lonely person.

If you would like to be in a happy relationship, then find the artwork that really speaks to happy relationships.

Find a painting of two people sitting together sharing a glass of wine, or a couple tango dancing or two people holding hands jumping off a plane together. Okay… maybe not that last one; but you get the idea!

Get Out of the Blue Period

Feng Shui ColorsThe types of artwork I recommend may not speak to your personality.

But, if you want to bring in good, active, creative energy, please stay away from all black and white pictures or paintings from sad, tormented artists.

Yes, artwork from those who cut off their ear or met their end at an early age might be worth big bucks. But, the only time they will be bringing in money for you is when you sell them.

While you hold onto such artwork, they will likely only drain energy from you and your home.

Next Steps

Surround yourself with art that defines something new and beautiful for you. ┬áDon’t forget that the same holds true for your office as your home.

Paint your home with the future of your dreams. Consider this the first step in turning your dreams into your reality.

Learn more about Feng Shui Art, as well as the Love & Marriage corner of your space.

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