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Improve Your Sex Life with Feng Shui

Improve Your Sex Life with Feng Shui

Can sexual energy be enhanced by Feng Shui?  Believe me, Feng Shui is all about energy!

Feng Shui Sex Energy

I’ve written previous posts on how to attract love with Feng Shui.  Now, let’s make things a little more steamy!

Sex can be beautiful and full of love.  It can also heal and add passion to a relationship.  In fact, many psychologists feel that regular, healthy sexual encounters is the backbone of many loving relationships.

Whether you are single or are looking to liven things up after several years of marriage, Feng Shui can help improve your sex life.  Follow these tips to get the juices flowing.

Objects of Passion

In the Love Corner of your home and especially in the Love Corner of your bedroom, add a couple symbols that represent healthy and passionate sex for you.

It could be the Kama Sutra, naughty pictures hidden in a drawer or even figurines of Venus and Cupid.

Whatever they are, choose symbols that can independently get your sexual energy up.

Colors of Passion

Feng Shui Colors

Pink and white are great for adding love and passion.  But, red, in particular, attracts energy, especially sexual energy.

Go ahead, change out the sheets with something silky and red.

Clarify your Passion

If sex is your only intention, ensure you appropriately communicate that to the Universe and your partner.

To keep love at bay for the time-being, avoid some of the other symbolism and colors that I would normally suggest for attracting love.

And please, openly communicate with your partner that sex, not love, is all that can be expected of the relationship.

Prepare for Passion

Feng Shui Bedroom Love

Get your bedroom ready because things are about to get steamy.  Make sure the room’s setting is romantic and private.

Start by ensuring that your curtains can cover up the windows.

Add some warmth to the room and make sure that the bedding is comfortable.

Use aromatic candles or lady sclareol essential oil and don’t forget to queue up some Marvin Gaye songs!

What to Avoid

Especially if you are looking to add sexual energy to a loving relationship, there are several things that you want to avoid.

First, avoid family pictures in your bedroom.  It is a place for you and your partner – not your children or parents.

Keep the work and workout routines out of the bedroom, as they can frequently interfere with passion.

Get rid of any cold, sad or lonely imagery.

That seductive yet sad-looking picture of the woman lying on the couch?  Nope.  In fact, just toss it.  There is no place for that in your home if you’ve read this far.

While you’re at it, no dead flowers or desolate winter landscapes… anywhere.

Your bedroom is also not a place for any single objects (unless you want to remain single).

Have objects in pairs to represent a relationship.  I’m speaking of two pillows, two bedside tables, two lamps, etc.

As with anything Feng Shui, eliminate the clutter.

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, add a mirror or a painting of a calm water scene on top.  Making the best of a situation, the fire and water together will add a little steaminess to your relationship.  Otherwise, avoid mirrors in the room.

Next Steps

Feng Shui Love

The most important step is to have fun.  Don’t get too serious about this.  All that will do is add stress.  Who knows… you may even find love along the way (if that’s what you desire).

As with anything in Feng Shui, don’t focus too much on one area of the Bagua without adding some balance to the other areas.  Start by countering with the Knowledge Area.

Learn more about Feng Shui to make sure you are attracting the right kind of energy and that it flows harmoniously through your home.

If the above advice doesn’t work for you, there may be other Feng Shui factors involved with your particular house, such as stagnant energy or no energy coming from the street.  A consultation or space clearing may be required. Take the necessary steps because you deserve to live a life of harmony and balance.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices the Feng Shui way. As your consultant, you will be able to get one-on-one advice for how to attract positive energy and improve your life with Feng Shui. I offer in-home and virtual services. Contact me today!

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