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How to Improve Bunk Bed Feng Shui

Bunk beds are an excellent way to save space and kids absolutely love them.

At the same time, there are tons of reasons why bunk beds provide poor Feng Shui, including:

  • Sleeplessness in the upper bunk because of the lack of support directly below the body.
  • Reduced energy or Chi getting to the lower bed because of the force of the upper bed on top.
  • The person sleeping in the lower bunk will feel inferior to the person in the upper bunk, potentially igniting fights between the two.

Even from a common sense perspective, bunk beds can be seen as potentially noisy and unsafe. I live in California, where it only makes matters worse!

Feng Shui Bunk Bed Cures

Thoughtful Boy With Soft Toy Lying On Bunk Bed

So, let’s move on to how we make bunk beds better for Feng Shui, because I think they can be a great way to save space, can encourage creativity for children and are simply fun. I get it.

Here are some tips to boost positive Feng Shui energy for bunk beds:

  • Ensure that the bunk bed does not squeak or rock when kids are flopping around on the top bunk.
  • Make sure the bunk bed is built tough, preferably from solid wood. A bunk bed built into the wall adds to the strength and stability.
  • Each bed should have a headboard.
  • Try to safely replace slats under the mattress of the top bunk with solid plywood (preferably pine). If you can’t replace the slats, at least add the plywood between the slats and the mattress.
  • Paint the bottom of the upper bunk or cover it with a fabric with calming colors, night sky, clouds, etc. Just make sure to avoid too dark of a color, as you don’t want your child in the bottom bunk to feel like they are in deep water.
  • If possible, get a bunk bed that allows the bottom bunk to roll out from the upper bunk during sleeping time.
  • Drape fabric over the bottom bunk to create a tent-like enclosed space. Some children aren’t ready for this while others will love the feeling of security.

Next Steps

Feng Shui is meant to help you add harmony and balance in your home. Make the best of the space you have by enhancing it with Feng Shui.

If your child has trouble sleeping, read up on these other bedroom tips and bed tips. If nothing seems to help, contact me for an in-home consultation.

I am a 3rd generation Feng Shui expert and have helped thousands of people add harmony and balance to their homes and offices the Feng Shui way. As your consultant, you will be able to get one-on-one advice for how to arrange your room and the rest of your home. I offer in-home and virtual services. Contact me today!

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