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Foreign buyers acquire over six percent of all home sales in the United States.

Foreign Investors
The reasons for these purchases are varied. First, the wealthy around the world are looking for investment opportunities. Second, they want their children to attend school in the United States. Third, they are looking to immediately or eventually immigrate here. The EB-5 visa requires foreigners to invest money into commercial enterprises in the U.S. in addition to having a U.S. home.

Key Markets for Foreign Investment
Of the six percent of overall home sales, certain cities see a much higher percentage of sales to foreign buyers. According to Jed Kolko, Chief Economist for the real estate site, “There are some parts of the United States that see very strong foreign demand and that helps keep prices high in lots of areas. The places where we see this impact the most is in parts of Los Angeles, Miami and New York.”

Chinese Investors
A growing percentage of foreign buyers are from China, as the Chinese recently saw prosperity in their economic cycle.

More than 50% of all Chinese buyers purchase homes in California. The weather and the already high population of Chinese in parts of California are major factors to this attraction.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui in Home Construction
As such, attracting foreign buyers may be one of the many reasons why several home builders are integrating Feng Shui into their new developments.

What Is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how energy, or Chi, flows throughout our surroundings. In one application, Feng Shui is then used to direct Chi in ways that are most harmonious to the occupants of homes in terms of wealth, health, relationships, etc.

While some may believe that Feng Shui is only superstition, especially many Chinese consider it essential for good luck and will only consider homes that have good Feng Shui elements.

Ms. Feng Shui
Jessie Kim, a renowned Feng Shui consultant called Ms. Feng Shui, currently provides Feng Shui consulting for several home builders, including Olson Homes, City Ventures, KB Home, Warmington Residential and Beazer Homes.

Placement and layout of the kitchen is an important element for buyers in new home design.

Placement and layout of the kitchen is an important element for buyers in new home design.

Home builders are looking for Feng Shui consulting on the full range of project development from initial planning to marketing.

“The earlier I am involved, the better,” Ms. Kim says, “because it’s easier than trying to change things that have already been set. And it’s better to do that before a project is approved by the city and everything has been set in stone.”

Feng Shui in Development Stages
Ms. Feng Shui consults on land acquisition, street numbering & naming, staging and sales team training. She also works closely with planners and architects to ensure the projects’ site designs, home designs and landscaping designs include beneficial elements important to those with knowledge of Feng Shui. She even provides Feng Shui seminars for prospective buyers.

Because Chinese nationals are often cash buyers and look to hold onto the properties long-term, many home builders are looking to ensure that the homes they build meet the Feng Shui needs of these important buyers.

(Jessie Kim is a certified Feng Shui consultant and experienced real estate investor. Through her firm, Ms. Feng Shui (, Kim provides personalized, professional, in-person and virtual Feng Shui consultations and seminars. Kim specializes in working with real estate, primarily working with homebuilders on new residential development projects.)

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