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Feng Shui Your Office Space, Even Your Cubicle!

Feng Shui Your OfficeYou spend most of your waking hours in your office space.

So, why not Feng Shui it to maximize many aspects of your life, not just your career?

Increase Productivity
You can increase your productivity by having your desk facing the “right” direction and by having a few well-placed elements in your office.

Doing so can bring you power, respect, and offer new opportunities as well.

You can even Feng Shui your cubicle!

Protect Yourself
Of utmost importance is to make sure your back is not turned to the office door.
If you can make sure you have a clear view of the door, you can see who is coming into your office or to your cubicle.
If your back is turned to the door and there is no way you can change the position of your desk, then add a mirror in front of you so you can see the door that is behind you.
The placement and inclusion of objects in your office is just as important here as it is in your home.
“Protect yourself” with some tall plants or short trees over your shoulders in the back of your office.
Money plants are best, for obvious reasons.
Be Powerful
Remember those “power ties”?  They weren’t that far off base.
Include some powerful images or awards on the back wall across from your door.
Traveling too much for work?  Make sure there isn’t a map or globe in your Travel section.
Desk Feng Shui
Your desk even has its own Feng Shui.
To determine the direction of the bagua over your desk, pretend that your chair is the front door.
As such, make sure to keep business cards of your customers and vendors in the drawer to your right, the Helpful People section of your desk.
Next Steps
To maximize your career, read up on the Career section of the Bagua.
To find out how I can provide the Feng Shui assistance you need in your business, contact me right now to inquire about an In-Office Feng Shui Consultation. 

I wish you the utmost success in using Feng Shui to improve your business and work life.

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