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Feng Shui Regarding Beds for Fertility and Pregnancy

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -FertilityImportant Feng Shui fertility bedroom tip: Don’t move the bed of a pregnant woman nor that of a woman who is trying to get pregnant.

Don’t Bump the Bed!
Try to avoid disruptions in and around the bed.

You can hold off on running that loud vacuum under the bed for about 9 months until the baby arrives.

If you do need to clean or move things under the bed, try to do it as gently as possible.

According to Feng Shui, movements around here can disturb the life energy present in the bed that started the conception and new life.

Next Steps
For more information, read about the Children & Fertility section of the Bagua.

Fertility Feng Shui is a very complex and important topic.

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