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Feng Shui for Fertility: Baby Pictures

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -BabyAre you trying to conceive and want to make sure you have a happy, healthy baby?

Dream Baby Pictures
Post pictures of your ideal baby in the Creativity and Children side of your house (more about the Bagua layout of your home here).

I personally had a picture of a little baby playing the drums on this side of my home. It was called Playtime by Keith Baker.

I saw this picture way back when I was only 18 and fell in love with how cute and energetic this little baby was.

So when I found that same picture for sale at a poster sale when I was 24 years old, I had to have it.

Even though I was nowhere close to getting married nor having thoughts about having children, the picture made me smile every time I would look at it.

Many years later, when I was ready to have children, I made sure this picture was hanging in the Creativity & Children Gua of my house.

I boosted up the energy by placing it with a yellow poster border and put it in a metal frame.

Thankfully, it only took a very short amount of time for us to conceive our little boy.

I Want to Bang On the Drums All Day!
Of course, we called him our little drummer boy and our birth announcement was a picture of our son holding drumsticks.

When he was old enough to sit up and bang on those drums, his picture replaced Keith Baker’s picture.

Devyn DrummingBut here’s a little warning to be careful what you wish for.

A few years have passed, but he still loves to bang on those drums, even in the early mornings and late at night.

Next Steps
For more information, read about the Children & Fertility section of the Bagua.

Fertility Feng Shui is a very complex and important topic.

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So I received an email from Keith Baker, the photographer of the baby drumming picture, Playtime, that I fell in love with and used in my Children & Creativity Gua when trying to conceive.

Interestingly, the picture was of Keith’s son named, of all things, Jesse.

Keith: Thank you so much for emailing me and sharing your story with me. This was a wonderful surprise, thank you so much!

My second son was born last year.  I had used very similar tricks that I did with the first.  He’s approaching the age where he could hold some drumsticks.  Now we just need to find a set for the pictures!

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