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Feng Shui Can Help You Lose Weight

Feng Shui Weight LossAre you eating healthy and working out but your weight seems to yo-yo up and down?

Can’t seem to lose those unwanted pounds?

Start at the Source
Check your refrigerator.

Is it full?

Does it have several expired items in the back?

Is it filled with items that you haven’t used in few months?

Well, throw them out! You don’t need your fridge to be “fat”.

If you are not eating it, there’s no reason for it to be in there.

Healthy Eating
Besides, you should be eating healthy fresh food.

Your body knows how to process simple fresh foods, but not highly processed foods.

The more steps that it took to get food to your plate, the more steps it will take for your body to process that food.

More Kitchen Space
Check your pantry as well.

Is it filled with junk food or boxes and cans of food that you have just stacked up but don’t plan to eat anytime soon?

Why not donate it to the local food bank?

Home Decor
Now that your kitchen is clean, look around your house.

Is your space filled with “heavy” objects?

By looking at your furniture, do you feel good, or are there heavy emotions attached to them?

Think about furniture that may have passed on to you by other people in your life.

Do you absolutely love that piece of furniture or are you just keeping it around because someone gave it to you or left it to you in their Will?

You don’t have to feel guilty about giving it away or selling it to an antique store if you are not 100% in love with the item.

Just let it go.

When you free yourself from these “things,” you will began to feel lighter in your spirits.

Before you know it, your body will start to feel lighter, too.

Next Steps
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Good luck losing those extra pounds!

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