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Feng Shui Your Holiday Gathering

You may cringe when you think of the arguments that often arise during family gatherings like Christmas.  But, know that such holiday events can actually be harmonious.

Here are my simple tips on adding Feng Shui to your home and table for balance and happiness this holiday season.
Feng Shui Christmas Dinner

Power Positions

When family and friends visit you for several days over the holidays, remember not to give up your “power positions.”  Your power positions include the master bedroom and any rooms in the back part of the house.  By maintaining your power position, you can keep guests from overstaying their welcome or getting overly involved in your life.

You may have to deal with this creatively if your typical guest room is in the back of the house. In this situation, try to swap out the guest room for the home office.  Or set up an inviting area that can be used as a temporary guest room toward the front of the home, making sure guests feel welcome.

Table Setting

When setting the table, don’t let guests sit at the head of the table,  Rather, always the head of the household should sit there.

Pull out your fancy china since you are gathering with family and friends who are your most prized “possessions.”  This is not the time to use paper plates.

Furniture and Decorations

When arranging furniture and decorations, make sure that no sharp corners (poison arrows) point where people sit.  Round or oval tables are best to avoid bad energy.

Keep heavy decorative items below the level of people’s heads.  Having them high up can create nervous energy and encourage heavy conversations.  With all of the recent news, it would probably be best to avoid heavy conversations!

Put all these tips to use and watch your holiday become a lot more harmonious!

Next Steps

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