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Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love, Enhance Romance for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with it can come stress often experienced by those who are newly single or in a rocky relationship. Here I offer tips to attract love and enhance romance:

  1. Make Room for Two! Your goal, if single, is to attract a partner, and if in a relationship, is to enhance the romance. With that in mind, look around your home and see if your space allows for another person to join you. Even if you’ve been in a relationship, your space can create an undercurrent of tension that hinders romance. Good Feng Shui can help.
  2. Open Up Some Space… You have to create space for what / who you are trying to attract. You’d be surprised at what your space says about you and your intentions of being single or matched. If you are really trying to attract a significant other, make sure your space communicates this.
  3. Don’t Decorate for One. If your bedroom is screaming “single” with only things for you, then you will keep attracting energy for you only. Do you have pictures and paintings of “single” things? Do you hang pictures of single items such as a single woman? Do you have a single lamp, single chair, single flower? It’s best to have pairs so that you show you are ready to share a life for two. Is your dining table big enough to share a meal with another person or with others such as a family? Create a space with “couple energy,” especially in the bedroom.
  4. Share Your Bed. Make sure one side of the bed isn’t against the wall, as you want to make sure each person can get into the bed from both sides of the bed.
  5. Balance Your Room. Have balance in the room. Do you have matching bedside tables? If they’re not the same size or same style, they will create an unbalanced energy in your love relationship. If one is bigger then the other, one of you will have more power over the other person in that relationship. If they’re not a matching style, maybe your partner and you have different views about your relationship. If you have one candle on a bedside table, add another candle beside it to show balance in the relationship. Show pairs whenever you can.
  6. Give Them a Drawer. Also keep the drawer space clean for your future partner to store their belongings. Even if you don’t have that special person in your life right now, you need to create space for someone. It’s all about being ready and being open to the idea of having a loving partner.
  7. Clean Out Your Closet. Now look in your closet. Is your closet filled with your clothes and shoes leaving no room for your partner to be able to hang their clothes? Clean out your closet and make it inviting so that when the time is right, he or she will feel the welcoming energy.

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