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Feng Shui is About Harmony & Balance

While it may be tempting to make your relationship corner completely pink, don't overwhelm one area without balancing the other spaces in your home's Bagua.

While it may be tempting to make your love corner completely pink or your wealth corner completely purple, don’t overwhelm one area without balancing the other spaces in your home’s Bagua.

“I’ve turned my entire relationship corner pink and I still haven’t found love.”

This is a pretty typical of emails I get from people inquiring about Feng Shui consultations.

Whether you want to improve your health, wealth, fame, career, fertility, relationships or love, keep this in mind: harmony and balance.

Harmony and balance shouldn’t just be your desired outcome.

Harmony and balance are also required in Feng Shui placement and decor in order to get what you want.

The Purple House
The following pictures are from a home that was recently listed for sale in Middlesex, England.

For soon-to-be obvious reasons, the listing agent neglected to say much about the interior.

While the home was attractive from the outside, every room inside was completely purple.

Purple is certainly a color of royalty and wealth.  And I’m not saying that I don’t like purple.

But this… is overboard.

Residents of homes like this don’t experience an abundance of money while living there.

And people certainly don’t sell homes like this at a premium, especially when you factor in the costs of the decor.  (Though, this one received enough viral coverage that someone with a purple predilection may have spent too much money just to have it.)

Moreover, residents in over-the-top homes like this usually have career, health, relationship and marital issues.

Harmony and Balance
As I said, you need harmony and balance in your home’s decor and placement in order to have harmony and balance in your life.  But how?

Home Bagua Overlay

Most ideal would be to spend careful time in each area of the Feng Shui Bagua to ensure proper and steady flow of Chi, or Feng Shui energy.

At the very least, start by ensuring that opposing corners or sides of your home’s Bagua are balanced.

As you see results from the opposing areas, move onto another pair of opposing areas.

All the while, be sure to pay special attention to the Career & Life Path Area of your home by your front door by making sure that it is clear and clean to attract Chi into your home.

Remember, don’t go all purple on me!

Next Steps
Spend some time learning about the 
Feng Shui Bagua to ensure proper Chi flow in your home.

If things still feel stagnant for you after making the above changes, contact me right now to inquire about a Feng Shui Space Clearing or a Virtual Feng Shui Consultation because you need healthy Chi flow. 

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