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Feng Shui Desk in the Spotlight

Feng Shui even amazes me sometimes.

If you follow me on social media, you may remember that I recently upgraded my desk. So get this…


The Old DeskDesk-Feng-Shui--old

I had a 20-year-old IKEA table with legs (“Gerton,” as they call it). It came complete with nothing… not even a modesty panel to prevent someone from seeing my legs. Gertie, as it came to be known, was the very first piece of furniture that I got on my own. It had served me very well for 20 years.

Emotions aside, it was time to follow the advice that I give my clients and get myself a solid and stable executive desk that will support my growing career.

On the hunt, I saw such a desk at at a big office supply retailer. I ordered the desk on Thursday morning and immediately posted my old desk to Facebook saying that it needed a new loving home.

Within five minutes, a friend offered me $40 for the old desk for her son. She had just been looking for one on IKEA’s web site.

The New Desk

My new desk arrived Friday afternoon. My boys stayed up until midnight putting it together for me. I gave it a good wipe down with citrus essential oil and started to Feng Shui my desk top.


Come Tuesday morning, my phone rings. It’s a writer for a local magazine who wants to interview me for their issue that focuses of health and green living. Guess what her column is called. Seriously, just guess!


Literally, she writes articles on what is on people’s desks! From CEOs to designers to actors, this writer wants to understand what is on someone’s desk and why. Within a week of getting my new desk, my desk is already getting the spotlight!

I just wanted to share because I grew up with Feng Shui and it still never fails to amaze me. Sometimes, you might not see immediate results, but just know that it’s working…

It’s true, though… even a Feng Shui consultant needs validation every now and then!

Next Steps

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming blog post on how to Feng Shui your own desk. I will also make sure to let you know when the article hits Coast Magazine in January.


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