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Feng Shui a Boon to Workplace Productivity

Feng Shui Your OfficeHere is another interesting article from Australia’s DesignBuild Source, this time on how Feng Shui is becoming a more common practice for increasing workplace productivity.

When I provide Feng Shui consultations to businesses, it is amazing to see that much of the “magic” of Feng Shui is just a set of common-sense principles that happen to provide natural stress relief for employees.  For instance:

  • Desks: Be sure to face desks so that the employee can see the doorway.  They should never feel as if they have people sneaking up on them.
  • Clutter: Make sure that the work environment is clutter-free.  Stacks of paperwork can cause considerable stress in the workplace, as it makes employees feel that they are in a reactive organization rather than a proactive one.
  • Artwork: Incorporate artwork that not only matches with the Bagua, but also matches the vision for the company.  Competing imagery will only confuse and stress employees.

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