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Buying a New Home? Ensure it Has Good Feng Shui.

Real Estate Feng Shui for BuyersWhen you are looking to buy a home, this is your biggest opportunity to ensure the greatest Feng Shui gains.

So, here are a few major things that we should consider in a home.

Where to Start
A big tree in front of the house (bigger then the home itself) is bad.

Also, you should keep the placement of the front door in mind.

When you open the front door into the house what do you see straight ahead of you?

If it’s a door that is in line with your stairs, back door or a fireplace, the Feng Shui energy, or “Chi”, can quickly escape without providing your household elements any benefit.

Ideal Feng Shui House Shapes
Is the house in a nice geometrical shape of a square or rectangular shape?

This is ideal for Feng Shui.

Odd-shaped homes can be quite difficult to Feng Shui appropriately.

Further, you could be completely missing a section of the Feng Shui bagua with some odd-shaped homes.

Street Placement
The home’s placement on the street can be quite important, as well.

We generally don’t like homes that lay at the top-center of a T-intersection.

We also don’t like the end of the street, so stay away from cul-de-sac homes.

We like a home that backs up to a nicely kept hill, as the hill can offer protection.

Real Estate Feng Shui

Next Steps
These are just some of the things to look out for when looking to buy a new home.

But, this doesn’t mean that there is no hope for homes that have any of these things.

There are cures for many of the problems listed above.

It would be best to bring in a Feng Shui consultant to give you some advice regarding your new home before you buy and again before moving in.

This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit of positive energy through Feng Shui.

Good luck finding that perfect home!

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