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5 Feng Shui Tips To Start 2017

Ms Feng Shui New Red Wallet & Gold Shoes

Get Rid of 2016’s Bad Vibes With These 5 Feng Shui Tips To Start 2017 Off With Good Luck and Positive Energy.

Purge yourself and your home of all the bad energy of 2016 with these simple-to-follow Feng Shui tips.  Start 2017 with a clean slate and an open door to welcome a happy and healthy New Year.

Here are 5 tips from Ms. Feng Shui to bring good luck and good energy into your life for 2017 and say good riddance to 2016.

  1. Buy New Shoes! – Who doesn’t need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes? Get yourself a new pair of shoes or if your budget won’t allow it, clean your shoes, and walk into 2017 with clean new energy and leave 2016 behind.
  2. Attract Wealth – Buy a new wallet to start off the new year and make sure to “hide” a nice clean $50 bill or $100 bill in your wallet to start attracting more money into your wallet. Clear out your purse and wallet! Pull out all the receipts, coupons, trash, toys, candy wrappers, etc. This is where you will be keeping your wealth, so don’t start with bills and receipts or things from the past. Leave 2016 receipts in the “past” as this will also give you a head start in organizing for your tax returns.
  3. Create Positive Energy In Your Home – Move at least 9 things that haven’t been moved around your house in the past year. This will stir up positive energy, and while you’re at it, make sure to dust and vacuum those items you haven’t touched in a whole year.
  4. Clean Away 2016’s Bad Vibes – Make sure to dust, vacuum and wipe down all the dirt out of your home before you welcome in 2017 as well as wash your sheets and blankets. You want to start with no “dirt” from 2016.
  5. Move Forward – Buy a new watch, as watches are always moving forward. Buying a new watch means bringing in new and active energy into your life. If someone gifts you a watch, give them a coin or a dollar so you are “buying” the watch from them. You never want to gift someone a watch, especially to elders, as this means they are running out of time.

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  1. I’ve heard different things about what the color of the wallet should be. Red,black etc as well as if it should have a picture or design. I was told birds are bad to have on a wallet. What are your thoughts?

    • Jessie Kim says:

      This depends on your personal birthday, what birth year animal, month, and date. In those things there are different animals associated with it as well as different elements. So everyone is different on what color brings them better luck. Some needs more water, where as some needs more fire, so I can say one color can be better for one person over the other, so you would have to see your personal birthday chart to see what colors and animals work best for you.

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