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2014: Year of the Wooden Horse

Happy Lunar New Year!

Feng Shui 2014 Wooden Horse

In Feng Shui (and for many Asian groups), this is the “real” time to celebrate the New Year.  We often hear it called Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, etc.

Complete with the tradition of handing out little red envelopes of money to friends and children, this is an exciting time for people around the world.

Are you ready to make it exciting for you, too, by learnin how to generate some wealth in 2014?

Before we begin, have you cleaned out the clutter you may have collected during the holidays? If not, click here to review what needs to be done.

Clear the View

Now that we are de-cluttered, we need to begin the new year with a clean house.

Start by wiping down all of the door handles around the house to welcome in new opportunities for 2014.

Feng Shui Window Horse

Wash your windows to see things more clearly in this year of the horse. If you can’t see out, how do you know how far you can run?

So, your house is all clean, as well as clutter- and dust-free so that you can welcome in the new energy for 2014.

Now it is time to check your purse and wallets and all of your jacket and pants pockets. Clear some space for the incoming wealth energy!

The Lost Wallet

Before I get to that, I have a little story:

Feng Shui Old Wallet

We found somebody’s old wallet on the ground in a parking lot the other day. It was completely filled with junk… old business cards, receipts, about ten credit cards, etc.

Once we found the driver license, we promptly drove to the address listed and found the owner. The home and the wallet’s owner looked as worn and tattered as the wallet.

The owner of the wallet was surprised he had even lost it and showed us the wallet-sized hole in his back pocket. “It happens all of the time,” he said. Really?

There is a lesson here…

Make Space for Wealth

Clean out all of the old receipts and business cards you collected in 2013 (or maybe even further back for some of us).

Feng Shui Disorganized Purse

Get rid of used tissues (and commit to never replacing them), outgrown childrens’ toys, expired coupons, stale chewing gum… whatever it may be. Clean it all out!

If you have unnecessary identification cards, membership cards and credit cards, take them out.

Now, wipe down or clean your purse or wallet and patch up all of the holes in your pockets.

If you can wash your purse, then wash it. If it’s a nice leather purse or wallet, then find a leather cleaner to bring that new shine back to your most central symbol of wealth.

Welcome in the new wealth by creating a clean and welcoming space for that 2014 cash to find a home!

Make It Red

If you are in the market for a new purse or wallet, look into investing in an attractive red one. Red has the energy to attract as well as to deflect.

Feng Shui Red Wallet

Contact me if you are interested in getting one of these wallets!

In this case, we are using red to attract the wealth and prevent the draining of wealth.

Moreover, red promotes ambition and determination. It gives confidence to those who are shy and lack positive will power.

Who couldn’t use more of that energy in the pursuit of wealth this year?

The Bagua’s Wealth Corner

Don’t forget to spend a little time learning about the Bagua and the Wealth/Prosperity/Money Corner, in particular.  Don’t neglect the other areas, however!

Next Steps
If things don’t start out quite right for you, a professional space-clearing or personalized Feng Shui consultation may be needed to get your home’s energy moving again.

Contact me right now to inquire about a Virtual Feng Shui Consultation or a Personalized Numerology Reading because I want to help you get 2014 off to a great start!

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