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Video Feng Shui Consultations in Worcester, MA

Virtual Feng Shui ConsultationsDo you need to speak with a Feng Shui consultant right now?

Using video chat, Ms. Feng Shui offers discounted Video Feng Shui Consultations in the Worcester, MA area.

As the trusted Feng Shui consultant to some of the nation’s largest real estate developers and most successful people, Jessie Kim is not only certified, but also experienced.

Until recently, she has only been able to provide Feng Shui consultations in person. But now, using video chat software and mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet, Ms. Feng Shui can help you achieve the same type of success through Feng Shui as her existing clients, no matter where you are in the world, including the Worcester, MA area.

What’s Required?

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Address of Property
  • Floor Plan (professional or hand-drawn via email)
  • Video Chat (Skype, FaceTime, ooVoo, Google Hangouts, Tango, Camfrog, Qik, etc.) on Portable Device (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptop, etc.)


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How Does It Work?

Feng Shui Family

Ms. Feng Shui is primarily concerned about the layout of your space and the concerns and goals of you and your family.

During your consultation, you will first provide Jessie with information about your current situation and what you would like to improve upon the most.  Examples might include:

  • Family Relationships
  • Career / Business / Life Path
  • Prosperity / Wealth / Money
  • Relationships / Love / Marriage
  • Creativity / Children / Fertility
  • Health
  • Fame / Reputation
  • Skills / Knowledge / Wisdom
  • Helpful People / Travel

To continue your video conference, show Jessie the layout of your surroundings with the camera mounted in your mobile device.

You will then discover how your home or workplace has been affecting your situation and how it may be undermining or helping you reach your goals.

Be prepared now for Jessie to give you concrete ways to improve your life through changing the Feng Shui of your surroundings.


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What’s Included? Home Bagua Overlay

  • 2-3 hour Virtual Feng Shui Consultation over video chat, including:
    • Basic Feng Shui education
    • Review of goals & challenges
    • Walk-through of property / Floor plan review
    • Customized Feng Shui advice on:
      • Decorations & arrangement, including:
        • furniture
        • plants
        • decor
        • shapes
        • colors
        • textures
        • natural elements (water, fire, earth, metal, air, and wood)
      • Cures & advice to remedy problem areas, such as:
        • T-intersections
        • spiral staircases
        • fireplace/toilets in wrong areas
        • missing portions of Bagua
      • Landscape design and garden design (time permitting)
  • Reasonable follow-up contact via email

Pricing Real Estate Feng Shui for Buyers A Virtual Feng Shui Consultation costs $530.  Payment must be received via PayPal to hold an appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how energy, or Chi, flows throughout our surroundings. In one application, Feng Shui is then used to direct Chi in ways that are most harmonious to the occupants of homes or offices in terms of wealth, health, relationships, etc.  Learn more here.

Is Feng Shui for Real?
Feng Shui originated over 3,000 years ago and has been practiced ever since.  This means that Feng Shui has been fine-tuned ten times longer than modern medicine.  Want more evidence?  The likes of Donald Trump and some of the world’s largest home builders use Feng Shui in the design of new building and home development.  Some are even Ms. Feng Shui’s clients (see her recent projects here).

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -Fertility

What can Feng Shui do for me?
First-and-foremost, Feng Shui will help you create harmony and balance in your life.  More specifically, Ms. Feng Shui has helped others improve their careers, find love & marriage, improve fertility & have children, increase wealth & prosperity, improve health, improve relationships with family & friends, and has helped people sell their homes faster by improving Feng Shui.  She has even guided companies to improve business relations & profitability.

Can you help me with buying or selling my home?
If you are looking to sell your home, Ms. Feng Shui can help improve the Feng Shui of your home to sell the property faster.  If you are looking to purchase a new home, Ms. Feng Shui will remotely look over three homes you are considering to give you Feng Shui feedback.

Are you a certified Feng Shui consultant?
Jessie Kim is a certified Feng Shui consultant and experienced real estate investor. Through her firm, Ms. Kim provides personalized, professional, in-person and virtual Feng Shui consultations and seminars. Kim specializes in working with real estate, including consulting some of the world’s largest home builders on new residential development projects.  Learn more about Ms. Feng Shui here.

How long is a consultation?
Virtual Feng Shui Consultations typically last 2-3 hours.  For the benefit of other clients, Ms. Feng Shui cannot provide more than 3 hours of appointment time.

Feng Shui Love / Relationships / Marriage -Couple

Do I need to have my spouse / significant other / roommate in the video chat with me?
While not required, clients that involve others living in the home in the Feng Shui process typically achieve the best results.

What video chat applications are supported?
Most common video chat applications can be used, such as Skype, Facetime, ooVoo, Google Hangouts, Tango, Camfrog, Qik, etc.  The preferred method is Skype, so please let Ms. Feng Shui know if you prefer an alternative chat service.

Is video conferencing required?  I don’t have a portable device.
Video chat on a portable device is the preferred method of virtual Feng Shui consultations because it allows Ms. Feng Shui to see many aspects of your home or office.  However, if this is not possible, email and phone may be a sufficient alternative, as long as floor plans and pictures of the space are adequate.

Will the recommended changes cost me much money?
Most of the recommendations made by Ms. Feng Shui are low-cost in nature, but it depends largely on your situation and the layout of the home.  Most problems can be cured with simple changes in color, movement of current decorations, and the addition of some small elements.

Feng Shui at a T-Intersection

I live in a home with a (T-intersection / spiral staircase / door alignment).  Can you help me with my property?
While these are not ideal homes, Ms. Feng Shui can provide cures to help significantly improve the flow of Chi in a home with any number of challenges.

What school of Feng Shui do you practice?
Ms. Feng Shui practices the Black Sect School of Feng Shui.  Learn more about the differences between this and other Feng Shui schools (Compass School, Flying Star, Pyramid School, etc.) before booking an appointment with Ms. Feng Shui.

What if I don’t like the advice that Ms. Feng Shui gives me?
It is important to note that the use of Feng Shui to improve your situation is much like the use of a road map to get from point-A to point-B.  There is always more than one way to change the energy of a space to achieve your desired results, just as there are multiple roads that can be traveled to get to your intended destination.  As your professional Feng Shui consultant, Jessie will provide you with multiple options and will help you choose the solution that is best for you and your situation.

Feng Shui Health

How much is a Virtual Feng Shui Consultation?
A Virtual Feng Shui Consultation costs $530.  Payment must be received via PayPal to hold an appointment.

Do you offer discounts for multiple Virtual Feng Shui Consultations?
Contact Ms. Feng Shui with details for a custom quote.

Can I reschedule my appointment?
Appointments may be rescheduled up to 24-hours in advance without penalty.  Changes made within 24-hours of the appointment time will result in a 50% re-booking fee.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations may be made up to 24-hours in advance for a full refund.  50% of the consultation fee will be refunded for cancellations made within 24-hours of the appointment time.

Is everything kept confidential?
Absolutely.  Ms. Feng Shui keeps all consultations and conversations with her clients with the utmost confidentiality.  Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

What is your service area?
Ms. Feng Shui provides virtual consultations for clients anywhere in the world with mobile video chat capabilities, including the following cities in the Worcester / Central MA area:

  • Ashburnham, MA (01430)
  • Auburn, MA (01501)
  • Baldwinville, MA (01436)
  • Barre, MA (01005)
  • Berlin, MA (01503)
  • Blackstone, MA (01504)
  • Bolton, MA (01740)
  • Boylston, MA (01505)
  • Brookfield, MA (01506)
  • Charlton, MA (01507)
  • Cherry Valley, MA (01611)
  • Clinton, MA (01510)
  • Douglas, MA (01516)
  • Dudley, MA (01571)
  • East Brookfield, MA (01515)
  • Fiskdale, MA (01518)
  • Grafton, MA (01519)
  • Harvard, MA (01451)
  • Holden, MA (01520)
  • Hopedale, MA (01747)
  • Hubbardston, MA (01452)
  • Jefferson, MA (01522)
  • Lancaster, MA (01523)
  • Leicester, MA (01524)
  • Leominster, MA (01453)
  • Lunenburg, MA (01462)
  • Mendon, MA (01756)
  • Milford, MA (01757)
  • Millbury, MA (01527)
  • Millville, MA (01529)
  • North Brookfield, MA (01535)
  • North Grafton, MA (01536)
  • North Oxford, MA (01537)
  • Northborough, MA (01532)
  • Northbridge, MA (01534)
  • Oakham, MA (01068)
  • Oxford, MA (01540)
  • Paxton, MA (01612)
  • Princeton, MA (01541)
  • Rochdale, MA (01542)
  • Rutland, MA (01543)
  • Shrewsbury, MA (01545)
  • South Grafton, MA (01560)
  • Southborough, MA (01772)
  • Spencer, MA (01562)
  • Sterling, MA (01564)
  • Sturbridge, MA (01566)
  • Sutton, MA (01590)
  • Templeton, MA (01468)
  • Upton, MA (01568)
  • Uxbridge, MA (01569)
  • West Boylston, MA (01583)
  • West Brookfield, MA (01585)
  • Westborough, MA (01581)
  • Westminster, MA (01473)
  • Whitinsville, MA (01588)
  • Winchendon, MA (01475)
  • Worcester, MA (01606, 01602)


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