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The Tale of the Hunted Hotel

Yellowstone Wolf HowlingI recently stayed in a beautiful hotel room in the mountains with our family for a week on vacation.

Predatory Pictures
The small cabin feel of the hotel was cozy and comfy with all the comforts of home, except for one thing: its decor included large photos of wild predators.

There were photos of a wolf howling, a bald eagle sitting by the river looking like it just had a real good hunt for food, a coyote mousing in the snow, and a grizzly bear looking at you with hungry eyes.

Objects of Pain
What’s more, there was also a picture of frozen river banks and a giant mirror on the side of the headboard facing the bed.

Don’t get me wrong; these are all beautiful pictures of nature that normally I would really enjoy looking at in a book or in restaurants. However, I would not put them up in my own house.

Being that we were in a hotel room, we didn’t think much of it (though we did take the mirror down during our stay and oiled a squeaky front door).

Effects of Decor
One day at a time, however, we started to notice small changes in our behavior.

Our normally well-mannered 4-year-old son started acting out all the time.

The communication between the adults was quickly falling apart.

We were all tired and started getting really grumpy with each other.

Even though we, as a loving family, were together at one of the world’s most beautiful places, something was causing us to be mildly aggressive toward each other.

Can it be that the pictures that are hanging in the hotel room? Yes, of course!

This was the place we were calling “home” for a week and all these wild hungry animals were staring at us all night long!

Yellowstone Black BearI might as well have just let my family loose in the wild to fend for themselves for a week!

In terms of Feng Shui, that’s exactly what I did!

The Meaning Behind It All
We were being watched by wild animals all night long, waiting to hunt us as we fell asleep. It’s no wonder that we were all so exhausted and irritable even with a normally ample amount of sleep.

Our energy had been affected by these pictures and we weren’t getting restful sleep.

Be mindful of places you call “home” for the night.

Be it a 5-star hotel or a roadside motel, look around your room and find the best spot for sleeping.

Feng Shui Travel Tips
For instance, if there are two beds in the room, make sure to sleep in the bed that is furthest from the hotel room door.

Also, make sure your bed is not being reflected in a mirror and that there are no unsettling works of art above your headboard.

If you can’t move the position of your bed, see if you can move the mirror or the paintings. You could even just cover them up with a towel for the night. The same goes for the television.

These tips will help you to get some R&R that you may need whether it be during long travel or that big meeting you have in the morning.

Next Steps
Have you had a similar experience as mine in a hotel? Post your story in the comments below.

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