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Oh Baby! Fertility Feng Shui

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -BabyYes! There is “Baby Chi” and Feng Shui can absolutely help you to get you pregnant.

Fertility is such a delicate thing because it can be affected so easily.

Feng Shui can help create a more balanced, harmonious, and relaxed environment for conception to occur.

Bedroom Matters

Is there a “distraction” in the bedroom that might be preventing you from having children?

Do you see a TV, books, piles of work, or bills?

These are all “distractions” from the bedroom’s Chi and also “Baby Chi”.

Also, what’s under the bed?

Are there old books, magazines, or even old toys?

Avoid using the underside of your bed for storage space.

If you are really tight for space and really need that extra storage, just make sure you are storing items that relate only to sleep or an infant baby in this case.

It may be okay to store clean bed sheets, bed covers, baby blankets, or baby bedding.

Feng Shui Creativity / Children / Fertility -Fertility

Make Room for Baby
These are the main issues that needs to be looked at, but you have to also look at your entire home.

Is there “space” for the addition?

If the entire house is filled with work, school, or other “stuff,” there isn’t any room for a new addition.

Enjoy the Moment
When your home is clean and welcoming of the new additional Chi, then it’s time to bring in the romance to the bedroom.

As an aside from Feng Shui, relax and enjoy what you are trying to do.

Don’t stress yourselves out.

I know it can be frustrating, but that frustrated energy is not conducive for conception.

Have fun making life!

Next Steps
For more information, read about the Children & Fertility and the Love & Marriage sections of the Bagua.

Fertility Feng Shui is a very complex and important topic.

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