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Feng Shui Cures for a House at a T-Intersection

Feng Shui T-Intersection

If you have one of these street signs in front of your house, it can be very bad for your Feng Shui.

You have to think of a street as a river that runs in front of your house, and that river’s water is representative of Chi, or Feng Shui energy.

You always want the energy to run in a calm and peaceful way in, around, and through the house or office you are in.

So, if your house is at the top center of the “T” in a T-intersection, energy is going to run into that T-intersection just like water hitting a blocked off river bank before sweeping off to the sides.

This creates very aggressive energy, which can start to tear away at your home and your well-being.

If you are looking into buying a house in a T-intersection, you might want to seriously reconsider.

Fortunately, there are ways to cure this aggressive energy if you are already living in a home at a T-intersection.

Feng Shui at a T-Intersection

This sign should actually mean, “Keep Out!”

Such ideas include adding very thick and strong guardrails in front of the house.

This will not only help slow down the Chi, but will also prevent cars from crashing into your home!

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If you are already in a home at a T-intersection, get an In-Home Feng Shui Consultation today!

Don’t ignore this advice!  T-intersections can be quite serious.

For even more information on lasting Feng Shui cures, read up on my cul-de-sac post, which also applies to T-intersections.

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